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  1. Available for immediate shipping: SS reproduction gas tank straps for 240Z. Will not fit the 280Z.....working on it. $75.00 USD plus shipping by Canada Post unless otherwise requested. Please note, a tracking number will not be available with Canada Post. I will need you ZIP or Postal code to calculate. As promised, 10 sets are available for immediate shipping. More will be available over the next couple of weeks. First come first serve so if you are interested leave a message on this thread indicating you are pm..ing me. It will reserve a spot in the line up. Then send me you postal code and I will calculate shipping for you, then I will send you my Paypal address and total owing. http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=147761 Thanx!! :
  2. 17x9.5, -19 rear; and 17x9, -13 front. 17x9.5, -19 rear; and 17x9, -13 front.
  3. That helps a lot. Thank guys.
  4. jerryb

    MAF Placement?

    I had a similar problem......so I installed the maf on the pressure side. The blow through set up solved my problems in a heart beat.
  5. Thanks cockerstar Its much appreciated! If that size fits on a non-flared car my search is over. I currently run 17" x 8" with spacers...just doesnt seem wide enough for the car. I would also like to eliminate the spacers.
  6. I will be making a set of SS gas tank straps for my 240 and am curious if anyone else is interested. At this point I have no idea on cost but will work it out soon. Basicaly they will be stock "like" but in SS. They are no longer available from NISSAN....and I dont believe anyone else supplies them. Any interest?
  7. jerryb

    Stainless Gas tank straps for 240Z

    quick update....This is still a go but Im having a hard time getting a quote on laser cutting the parts. I will be going to another shop this afternoon. Sorry for the delay!
  8. jerryb

    WTB 240Z doors

    Im looking for a pair of 240Z doors. They must be very clean with no previous repairs, preferably southern metal without salt rot. Can be stripped down. If you have them and you could use the extra cash for your project fire me a PM and lets work something out. Thanx!!
  9. jerryb

    WTB 240Z doors

    Sounds great, I'd love to check them out. Please send pics to the following... jbarvinek@rogers.com Do you know what year are they are From? Thanks for the Response! Jerry
  10. jerryb

    My 240 rb26 build

    Who's the supplier of those Hubs? Are they AZC as well. Also wondering where you got that gear puller for the gear on the crank nose. I'm having a hard time finding something that fits..?? Thanks!
  11. jerryb

    Stainless Gas tank straps for 240Z

    Sooo....the shop that did the original laser cutting is no longer in business and my original dimensions (strap length) and CAD drawing were lost. I have the strap length for the early S30 (my 240Z) ...but I need the measurement for the other years. To help keep costs down a friend as agreed to to make new CAD drawing for me this Monday but I need the various lengths for the different model years. So ...calling out...... help me help you... measure the length of both your straps from the tip to the right angle bend. ......... just like this... www.forums.hybridz.org/uploads/3/7/6/7/9/17659_thumb.attach Include the YEAR of your car!!!!...very important. I have identified a new laser shop and they are interested so once I collect the various lengths of your straps I will get into action. The sooner I get the lengths for the various S30 models the sooner I can start. Are there any of you that would prefer mild steel straps?? I would also be willing to make them for the 280ZX...... I believe the straps are very similar but of course....Im assuming the lengths are different. Let me know if your interested or know the lengths. Thx<br class="Apple-interchange-newline">
  12. jerryb

    Stainless Gas tank straps for 240Z

    LOL...OK...I will talk to my contacts and get back to you shortly. Give me a couple of weeks tops and I will have an answer for all of ya. Thanx guys!
  13. jerryb

    Stainless Gas tank straps for 240Z

    Hi all.... I'm still alive and and am now back on Hybrids. Firstly I apologize for my silence.... I should have replied but I guess life got in the way and I sort of got preoccupied and disinterested in a lot of things. Anyway, I'm Back! If you are interested I can still look into making more stainless and perhaps steel gas tank straps. I just need to review the project and see what changes if any are required. Anyway... Let me know...... Cheers! It's good to be back. .......
  14. jerryb

    Sunday Riddle with pics, of course

    LOL... I made a near identical Tranny Mount! I was worried about crushing the square tubing when bolting to the body mounts so I placed a thick walled round tube inside that the bolt passes through. I figured it would also hold the torque better over the long term.
  15. Hey all ...here are the current part numbers for interior door panels H0901 N3300 H0901 E4100 They are still available through NISSAN Canada...perhaps NISSAN US as well?? I have a set on my car and they fit perfectly! No need to salvage that old set ...just buy new. Anyway, hope this helps with your project
  16. jerryb

    help! resetting rb20det timing

    If you crank it over by battery you will probably miss the mark. Put a 27 mm socket on the crank pulley and do it by hand....it takes quit a few cranks to get it to line up again.......but it will.
  17. I have a line on a couple of .25" 4x8 sheets of Lexan .....cheap! Is this thickness sufficient for windshield and hatch glass for a track car?? Thanx!!
  18. jerryb

    What thickness of Lexan?

    John.....if its" fine", what is recommended? I would prefer to be as safe as possible.
  19. jerryb

    stolen phone....check this out!

    Freakin Great........not only has he your BB...but now he's famous!
  20. jerryb

    He shots....he scores!!!

    :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  21. jerryb

    He shots....he scores!!!

    Ya...it was a great game for both teams. As a Czech born Canadian I dont even like hockey .....but Im fanatic about Olympic hockey! All the best players on the same ice playing for national pride. Not just a NHL brawl that breaks into a hockey game every so often. Right from the start of these games I knew Canada would win....dont know why?? It was our time....... TonyD.....you hooligan..........
  22. These are 14" by 7" wheels with zero offset..... As near as I can tell they are vintage JDM. As close to new as possible. ULTRA LIGHT and nice dish. I bought them years ago with 6 Vintage Dunlop slicks. Had them on the track once and the combo was a blast!! Once hot they were sticky as hell and the small diameter would rev like crazy. Anyway I cant use them due to my Wilwoods and for that matter Im no longer crazy about 14"wheels. I want to sell them but would first like to obtain a bit more info on them.....any is appreciated! I think they would be perfect for the vintage racer!
  23. jerryb

    Dual Turbo's CSB EBAY

    OH...the same compamythat made the Cramiro! LOL
  24. jerryb

    Dual Turbo's CSB EBAY

    Whats a CAPROCE?
  25. jerryb


    Ive recently started Iracing and its actualy pretty good. I purchased Mosport because its my "home track" and I would say its very realistic. For sure not the real thing but damn decent. I have a much harder time driving the track on line than in real life because you dont have the sense of speed. Its extremely important that you look as far ahead as possible and get use to looking into the corner of the screen to look into the corner......all basic driving principals applied in a different media. No you dont get actual car sensations but my G25 force feedback steering and peddle setup is decent and can give you a good work out. Not just vibrations and shudders but real bump and irregularities in the track over the curb kind if feelings. Its pretty cool. I honestly believe it will help make one a better driver as it does give you track "time" but...... there is no substitue for real life experience. It wont allow you to hit the track like a pro after a 1000 hours of vitual time....and I dont expect the most expereince driver in the world will be able to sit in front of the TV and drive like a Virtual pro the first time out. Like anything else its learned and depends on the individuals natural ability. Like any SIM, when used properly Im pretty sure it will help in real life. The best part about Iracing is that it encourages....insists.... that you drive with all the same principals as real track driving.......you cant just bouce off walls and never use your brakes in order to get a good time. You must have the right line, the right speed, the right gear....you have have to shift correctly or you will spin out....you cant creep to far out over the grass ...cant bump others and it even damaged your engine with too many revs....etc,etc..... And the graphics are pretty damn good. Not flashy....just real and representative to the track your on. So for example....If I have never driven Lime Rock and have a chance too, Iracing will allow me to learn the track at home so when I do arrive at the real track I wont appear to be a total rookie. You will have a chance to memorize the track and its corners, you will learn the various track markers....(ie...head for that pole for the right line) and you will have an idea of expected speeds and brake points...... So for the critics and doubters out there.....dont knock it till you try it!! :nono:And besides...winters are long around here and its a nice way to burn up a bit of late night time. It fun..... My biggest problem is frame rate.....Im not yet sure if its my connection or just lack of enough video card....or perhaps a bit of both. I use my sons mulimedia laptop and believe the video card is just enough. Any suggestions?? Now for some early morning track time!