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350Z Shifter Relocator Interest?


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I designed the part based off my original much simpler relocator which I machined myself on a mill and lathe...these are being made by a machine shop with a CNC mill. The finished product will be tumbled and anodized black just like my L28 transmission adapters were.


I need to test this one next time I go home to make sure the boot works and everything is good, then I will go ahead and have a run machined.


Lemme know if you want one!

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I just test fit the adapter and it works great! The shifter boot and everything turned out working really nice. Here are some pictures of the install:






Here are a couple shoots of the shifter in my car and how I modified the transmission tunnel. I plan of use a 350z shifter boot to seal the opening around the shifter, I looked at the one on my 350z and it looks like it will work well i just gotta order one.





I have given the go ahead to have a run of the shifters made. There will initially be 15 available and the final price is 180 dollars shipped within the US, 185 to Canada. I will ship worldwide but you'll have to PM me for a quote. They should be ready in a few weeks, Ill have to get the final date from the machine shop.


The shifters will be the same as pictured above except tumbled and black anodized.



Brad - Thanks for the compliment, although my car is far from perfect...it just looks good in pictures!

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Hey Austin, let me know when they are ready and I will send you payment, definately count me in for one!



...also, a perfectionist never thinks his work is perfect; I suffer from the same pain man. With that in mind, you have done a stunning job on your build from start to finish. Very well done.

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Just as an update the machining should be finished on the relocaters this weekend and then they will go out for annodizing. So we are about two weeks out on having them ready to ship to you guys. i also want to add that if you want me to TIG weld your shackle then it will be an even 200 bucks for the relocator and welding.


For those of you that want to have the shackles welded then you can go ahead thd send me the shifter link so I can be ready to go when the relocators are ready if you want.

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