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350Z Shifter Relocator Interest?


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My fabricator simply cut the stock and welded back together for same results. Doesn't look quite as nice as Austin's but works the same.


Red Rocket

To somewhat balance out your comment, and as a point of interest, DriftMotion.com sells a shifter extension for the R154 (2JZ swaps) for $300. It extends the shifter a few inches with a $5 piece of square aluminum tubing welded in for the housing and a $1 piece of round stock steel to extend the actual shifter. It looks like poop but it gets the job done. Then, here we have Austin getting these beautiful, strong pieces that look better than factory for WAY less. I think it was Timbo1JZ or something like that in the Toyota L6 forum arguing with me about the value of the DriftMotion piece. :)

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Yeah, I think they'll work in the HR Trannies. I compared mine to a DE tranny and they look identical. So you're good there. I need to get a stock shifter to use w/ your shifter bracket. I'm still working on that. I want one of your brackets so put me on the list for one. I'm still months away from install, since I've also got a honey-do list.


Do you think your bracket woudl work with an aftermarket Ebay special like this:



Just trying to figure, since for some reason stock parts are harder to get.




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I'm using a short throw shifter like the one pictured, but I am using a modified stock cradle. If Austin's cradel is same dimension as stock it willwork just fine. It took us a little while to get the reverse lock out to work due to the geometry change of taking the 4" leg out of the linkage. It appears Austin has that worked out as well.

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No more interested in these :-(??


Ive still got 11 left!


IF you dont have a vq they make nice paperweights too!


Or you could Impress the wife/mistress with a cool xmas tree ornament, yard art, or abstract artwork for the wall!

I have interest, but I have no VQ right now. I have no doubt those will keep selling, but it doesn't look like you're gonna get the quick turnaround you (reasonably) expected. If I had a job, I would buy one off you just to keep you encouraged to make other custom parts like it.

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Hey Guys,


Just thought I would bring this back from the dead and put up some installation pictures. I took some pictures while I was shortening the shackle for a guy doing a vq swap in a 240sx. He was an awesome guy and sent his original shifter to me for mock up on my spare transmission.


First thing is to pull the shifter linkage off the transmission, its super easy..just need to knock out a roll pin.



Next you cut the center section out completely. I start by chopping the ends off with a sawzall and then grind the remaining weld/material down flush.



One the shaft is ground completely off the center of the transmission side can be seen, there is also a hole on the shifter side. This can be used to make sure the two brackets are aligned before welding, as shown below



Weld 'er up!



Here is the shortened shaft beside the factory one to give an idea on the distance the shifter gets shortened.



The factory mount is secured with 4 bolts to the transmission. When bolting on the new mount reuse the top two bolts, and use one of the lower ones to connect the shifter to the linkage.







I still have a good many of these available. The price is now 200 dollars shipped for the bracket, and an additional 20 dollars if you want me to do the welding.

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