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Z45 Warning! Tons of pics.

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I realize that the Z31 performance board is used by members only now. So I copied my posts from there, cleaned them up and decided to post here also.   Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you t

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Hmm.... 245 whp is less than I had expected. Any ideas?


Its not a totally "apples to apples" comparison, but I dyno'd the 4.4L DOHC V8 from a '99 BMW 540i 6-spd I once owned, and it made 262 whp (on a DynoJet 248C). I figured the VH45 would be pretty close, as the BMW M62 is rated at a nearly identical 282 hp.




On another note, I purchased a VH45 last week. After being inspired by this thread we're going to attempt this motor swap into a BMW E30 chassis. Got the motor back (its in pieces - mostly going to use this one for mock-up purposes and will get an assembled/running VH45 if this one fits) then weighed it and measured a few things. Here is what we learned:




The motor and all accessories weighed in at 514 pounds.




Engine width was 28" wide at both the cam covers as well as from the alternator to the oil filter.


Zmech - Did you have any issues with the alternator or filter hitting the frame rails in your 300ZX? If so, did you relocate either?



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Hey this is gs14racer from nico with the s14.


Let me just say from one crazy person with lots of time to another, great job. Its good to see so many quality swaps coming along and yours is money!!!! :mrgreen:


As per your dyno, i remember the same disappointment, because it feels faster than it says on the paper doesnt it? However in your case i think you have another problem. The knock sensors are notorious for dropponig lots of power on these motors, assuming youve checked these and know them to be good, here are a few places i think you can improve, the headers seem a little restrictive plus the cats arent helping either, ( i know you probably require them where you live), and the exhaust looks to be 2.5 from the pictures which seems good, but 3" is where its at.


These motors really like to breath, and the most you can do that the better off your gonna be, for reference heres my dyno run, granted this was on a 100 degree day in miami, in the winter months the motor put down a solid 295whp with the tuned ecu. The only differnce between yours and mine are the headers and dual 3 inch exhuast.


Of course you could always supercharge it like i did, and make gobs more power, but the above mentioned things will still hurt you there as well.


Once again great job, let me know if you need any info.





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Was on cruise control/auto pilot at 5:30am on the freeway. Some dumbshit came out on the freeway and went across all the lanes right in front on the two cars in front of me. So they slammed on the brakes and I was not ready for it. I tagged the brakes and turned to the left to avoid hitting the person in front of me and the car lost the rear end. 4 wheel drift directly into the concrete center divide at 70 mph. Front first then flip around and the rear. Then it was a ride all the way back across the freeway, 5 lanes. Lucky for me no one else got gathered up in it. So now after the insurance is cleared up it will be chop cut and rebuild. Such is life! Just glad the car is tough...

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