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Rough Idle (and SDS Roll Call)

What do you know about SDS?  

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  1. 1. What do you know about SDS?

    • I run it on my car now and program it myself.
    • I used to run it/someone else programs for me.
    • Never had it on my car.

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Having trouble getting the idle in my engine as smooth as I think it should be. Manifold pressure at idle is about -15. What are you guys getting?


EM-3E system

No IAC, no cold start

440cc/min supra injectors

New plugs, wires, engine, head, etc.


Also curious to know who else is running SDS these days?

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It's been a while since I ran an SDS car but since I have 2 systems and plans for some motors coming up, I will be back in the saddle soon. I don't remember what I was running but it was close to Warren's because at the time we were both setting up our SDS systems and we helped each other to workout the kinks.


Mine ran smoothhhhhhhh. No idle air valve here. and I had the "E" system.


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I am running SDS on my Rb25. Idles great, but I need to run the SDS fast idle. Stumbles on start up a bit. Once shes warm smooth as silk.

How is your AFR? Don't know if the L series is that much different but I am at 19-18 vac at idle, 15 sounds a little high. The SDS manual says most engine should be at 20-17 i think. You could have a vac leak somewhere....

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