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for the guys running 16's and wide! tire help please!

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I have searched and searched, but still cannot make up my mind about tire size and tire brand selection. I know many people have had experience with this issue before, but a lot of the tires that have been discussed are no longer being produced.


here's the low down...


I'm running wats; 16x9 front and 16x9.5 rear. I really want to get tires sizes in 245/45/16's all around. I know it will have to be stretched slightly to fit but thats not a big deal. The issue is, as we all know, finding tires for 16in (w/wide width) wheels are vertually impossible. I'm beginning to lose hope in finding the right tire I want?


Should I go with a stretched looked (which i dont really want) 225/45/16 but get the brand tire that I am happy with?




Go with some tire brand that is NOT to my liking but get the tire size I want for the wheels?


Anybody with suggestions, photos of stretched/non stretched or experience is greatly appreciated.


thanks in advance guys!

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I looked at Tire Rack and see your problem. However, when I switched to 245-50-16 the options are almost endless. You may try looking for the smallest of the 50 series tires. You may find a set to your liking that is almost the same actual size and/or will fit as the 45 series tires you want.


Tires of the same size are not the same size from manufacture to manufacture. Sometimes the same brands different models are not even the same size. Tire Rack has the exact measurements vs brand measurements that you can evaluate. Tire availability is a must. Changing body modifications to fit a one time tire is senseless.

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You guys in the US can't get 245/45/16? Well here in NZ they are easier to find than 245/50/16?


I have some Toyo T1R in this size and locally here in NZ they indent (ie not stocked but they will import at a cost) a 245/35/16 in this same tyre.

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Hey Nzeder, is there a website where i can take a look at some tire sizes in that area?
Not really we don't have a site like tirerack.com I just visit the manufactures sites and checkout what they have listed = what is imported or can be imported locally (remember here in NZ we only have a pop of 4.5Mil)


ie http://www.toyo.co.nz


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Here is what mine looked like 5 years ago when I had wide Wats in the rear.




~16x8.5 -6 225/50 Fuzion Zri


~16x9.5 -19 245/45 Fuzion Zri


~Sectioned struts, coilovers.













Now I run: ~16x8.5 -6 225/50 All around, since I didn't want to flare it. Also it all boils down to if you want matching tire sizes all around for ease of tire rotation.





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A few pics makes the point. ;-)

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hey there s30trbo, i think i spoke with you before asking about your wats. one of the main reasons why i got them also! fuzion Zri's looks like a good choice. Its weird though, some places i spoke with said they discontinued them and some said that they were a special older.

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Watanabe 16x9 -13 offset (front)

225/50ZR-16 Mich Pilot Sport AS plus

Watanabe 16x9.5 -19 offset (rear)

245/50ZR-16 Mich Pilot Sport AS plus


without flares










Haven't had a chance to try them out yet, but they have been tested and compare well with other performance tires.


Hope this helps.

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That will be an awesome beast when it's done!!! Don't mean to take this thread off topic but 2 questions for you: did you need a spacer for the fronts with the -13 offset, if so what size spacer? And is that the Kameari seat you have installed?

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I used .625 Baer spacer so the Wats would clear the brake caliper. I don't think you would need it for Arizona Z caliper...not sure.




The inner diameter of the spacer needed to be machined out to 2.85" (72mm) to clear MM wheel hub as well...seems there's always something.


And those are Kameari seats.

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