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  1. RCS custom intake plenum is complete. Adding custom charge pipe and filter!
  2. So the Autopower rollbar didn't fit with my 350Z seats and my 6'2" frame so a custom bar was in order. It was boxed into the rocker panel and tied into the wheel well housing.
  3. It's been a while, we found some unexpected rust under the cowl panel so this absolutely had to be addressed. Luckily I had a front firewall clip so Jamie could use some bits and match everything back up.
  4. Appreciate it, coming to an end finally!! Thanks me too!
  5. Wondering if someone has a rear set only, I don't need the front. Thanks,
  6. Rear 280ZXT (S130) lower cross member installed with machined Z31 urethane bushings: Rear shocks reassembled: (Bilstein with Quickor Springs) Rear stub axles together: Mock up of rear 280ZXT brakes:
  7. More progress wiring done: Ford Taurus fan wouldn't fit time for something else: After some custom brackets were made: The mock up of what's next:
  8. Wanted 81-84 Maxima R180 Differential w/ or w/ out CV axles from an automatic (3.70 ratio). If you know or have a lead on one please let me know. Needed for the 810 project. Thanks,
  9. Wanted 81-84 Maxima R180 Differential w/ or w/ out CV axles from an automatic (3.70 ratio). If you know or have a lead on one please let me know. Needed for the 810 project in Maryland.
  10. 5 year bump Chris how's the progress? Mine is finally going back together..
  11. Current status she's at a little shop getting some work done. Finally got those pesky fender mirrors mounted after having them for almost 20 years. Having some welding, Haltech install and other things I can't say right now...
  12. Front end going together!! New strut bearings all the way from Taiwan (Nissan part number is stamped underneath) : New verses original: Final strut assembly: TC Rod/Sway Bar bracket reassembled with new hardware: New Zinc plated freshened hardware, Note not worried about tie rods, steering will be upgraded per Steve (zcarnut) manual steering conversion : S130 LCA Prothane bushings: I think the ball joints died 10-15 years ago: New Moogs will fit the bill: Passenger side coming together:
  13. Back at it.... Fuel pump, cleaned, detailed and reassembled: Installing the stainless fuel/brake lines from Classic Tube with new and reconditioned hardware on the fresh POR-15 underside: Powder coated protective guards re installed: Suspension up next all back fresh from the powder coater:
  14. Yes fantastic shop!! Todd is top notch mechanic, well respected in the Z community and is even a judge at the annual National Z conventions. Z's aren't his only specialty he works on pretty much all vehicles with the same caliber of service.. Gail will take care of you when you call and make an appointment. Tell him Joe Sheelar from hybridz sent you!
  15. jyz77 came through. Thanks everyone that messaged/PM'd me.
  16. Still needed, I PM'd you zentech about a week ago.
  17. As seen on the left in the picture, also have Paypal. Thanks,
  18. It's about to go down: More to come.... Selling off Blitz gauges, Plex Wideband, SDS spares etc..
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