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carburetor choice

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Not trying to thread jack, but I have a question for Grumpy.


What carburetor + intake manifold should I get for my 305 Chevy? Engine is completely stock


what cylinder heads are you using?

assuming your not using vortec heads...youve got decent hood clearance...and your wanting to keep cost reasonable....ID go this route.

these intakes work very well and are reasonably priced, the edelbrock carb is easy to tune and seldom has problems, if you have a decent fuel pressure regulator and fuel filter installed





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On a Z with a V8 and a manual trans, I think the kick in the pants from hitting the pedal on a double pumper carb is worth the visceral rewards. Sure, a vac secondary carb will do fine, but on a light car, with short tires, probably 3.54 or 3.70 ratio, I found that a 650 DP worked great on my 327, and the HP830 DP is a great fit on my 400.

On the 327, a 600 vac sec worked fine, had great throttle response off idle. But mashing the pedal, no matter how the jets, power valve, squirter, pump cam, vac sec spring were tuned, felt SOFT compared to the 650DP.


To each his own.


BTW, if you are trying to size a DP for your car, I built a spreadsheet that used the data from the Holley nomogram for DP sizing - see http://alteredz.com/tools/index.html


Mind you, most DP carbs have too-big-for-the-street idle and power valve circuit restrictions and you will probably want to make them smaller (a piece of fine wire works well). You may need a bit more jet once you do this.

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Im getting started on my ZZ4/240 conversion collecting all the parts. Im gonna use the Holley 750 and have'nt decided on the intake manifold. I dont want to cut the hood. Is there a special intake manifold to use or will most fit?

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