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  1. Knight, Concact Sam Neave at LNA Enterprises.1[336]824-1605.He does our Comp.boxes,but parts are really hard to find.Good luck. Roddy
  2. TitaniumZ

    anyone use an electric heater instead?

    Scott, What BJ said.Stop trying to reinvent the wheel. Rod
  3. TitaniumZ

    CMP March 5th

    Mark, I just finished welding up my combustion chambers today.The head will be ready this week.The oil pump is on the work bench about to have fittings weld to it.The new pan rail is bolted to the fixture.All I have to do is make the rest of the pan to finish that deal.All should be done this week.Now the bottom end is imprisoned at the machine shop.Who knows how long that'll take.CMP is certainly out,I'm just hoping to make VIR.Anyhoo,Im looking foward to seeing you guys at the track this season. Roddy
  4. TitaniumZ

    I have yet to find a sexier seat

    Hoov, Dude I give up.It's not going to be my head in there.I'll let it go.
  5. TitaniumZ

    I have yet to find a sexier seat

    Hoov, Roll bars in street cars are pretty questionable.Roll bars with no padding are always wrong.Roll bars are ment to be used in conjunction with helmets.Just because this car has no halo with its diagonal brace,doesn't mean there aren't bars in close enough proximity to contact the occupant's soft heads.These cars flex.That bottom mounted seat will surely flex.Harnesses stretch.The human body stretches.The hoop and diagonal brace are absolutely within range of the driver's and passenger's heads during even a relatively mild impact. I just want people to be aware of these real dangers,and act to protect themselves.If someone makes an educated choice to ignore safe practices,that's their perogative.The world can always use organ donors.
  6. TitaniumZ

    I have yet to find a sexier seat

    Streeteg, Dude you're not riding around the street with your unhelmeted head an inch from the unpadded roll bar you?And nobody's letting you on track without high density roll bar padding are they?Just hoping you take care of yourself.
  7. TitaniumZ

    Silver or gold wheels?

    Both of those wheel colors look nice.But sorry dude.There's only one color for wheels.Black.Always black.
  8. So i've been reffered to you for a CF splitter and possibly a diffuser? and was wondering if your currently in production and if you had any pictures of your work. If you could i'd like to speal to you about some business.

  9. TitaniumZ

    VIR Full Course Triangle Z May 28th-29th.

    Austin, Tom B,Mark U,and I will be there.Come out and play. Roddy
  10. TitaniumZ

    John Hunter Dailey from NC

    This Daily cat is NOT a member of Trad Z club.
  11. TitaniumZ

    GT40 Diffuser

    The car is on jackstands.
  12. TitaniumZ

    Crank Shaft Storage 101

    Tom, Here's a sure fire way to find out which way to store your crank.Store one half horizontal and the other half vertical.Let us know how this works out.
  13. TitaniumZ

    OER Triple's Carb setup- L6

    Damn BJ!Get back on your meds Dude.
  14. TitaniumZ

    Non-Conventional Differential Options...

    Like MARK said,the R200 is plenty strong for road course duty.Tom's new axles did the trick,but his ride height is still a bit compromised.The diff and whole rear suspension is just in the wrong place for our needs.So...Bain Williams new V8Z will be sporting what we hope is the solution.We're still some months away from completion.Photos will follow upon completion.Sorry to seem to be a bit off topic,but I think this geometry stuff relates to whatever diff is in the Z.
  15. TitaniumZ

    Cracked Bellhousing Causes?

    It's probably because your candy a** lifts off the gas so much!All the torque is supposed to come from the other direction sissy pants.See Ya Friday.