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  1. S30 front lower control arms

    Replied. Thanks Dan.
  2. S30 front lower control arms

    Hey guys, Getting ready to sell my turbo 240z (http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/51633-daves-racecar-project-240z/) in a couple of weeks and need to replace the front lower control arms and ball joints on her before she goes up for sale. Anyone got some lying around? Ideally in CA to cut down on shipping cost? Many thanks, Dave
  3. The dampers come in pairs. I used the same shocks front and back. Dave
  4. tamo3, I used the gland nuts and female sides that come with the the dampers. The females were ground down and filed out then welded onto the top of the strut tubes, this is Step 13, 14 and 21. Best of luck! Dave
  5. Dave's 280z VK56DE Project

    Docaam, I've never sat a VK45 next to a VK56, but I'd put money the latter has a higher block height, which I'd imagine would contribute to it's width. I was planning on running a megasquirt ECU, so I'm unclear what donor parts you'd need. Gatsby, Sorry to disappoint. The things I have left over are in the for sale thread http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/111846-vk56de-07-vct-8000mi-g37-6-speed-box-trans-adaptor-2x-hayabusa-throttle-bodies-2900/ but it's all sale pending. Dave
  6. Dave's 280z VK56DE Project

    I sold the project. But if you check the pics on the previous page, yes the engine (sans exhaust manifold) fit just fine. I'm confident I could've made it work, I still have the engine, so maybe I'll pick up another S30 chassis and go from there. Dave
  7. '78 280Z project for sale

    Sold. Thanks for looking everyone. Dave
  8. '78 280Z project for sale

    Deposit taken.
  9. VK56DE 280Z Project Parts

    Bump. Most of these parts are still for sale.
  10. '78 280Z project for sale

    Yes still available. PM sent. Dave
  11. '78 280Z project for sale

    Still for sale. I am contemplating getting it running again to make it a bit more attractive to buyers at this point..
  12. VK56DE 280Z Project Parts

    Bump. Still lots of good things for sale here. Might have to write up separate threads for each thing I think.. make it a bit easier for folks to find. Dave
  13. '78 280Z project for sale

    Thanks Rossaen89. Getting a few bites here and there, it's a great deal for the right person, just waiting for him/her to come along. Dave
  14. VK56DE 280Z Project Parts

    Right. I should be been more explicit in the description. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Dave
  15. '78 280Z project for sale