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  1. By your photos,it looks like you installed a new harness? Start with some basics to understand the ignition system. Using an ignition switch along with a starter button and kill switch might be better. A site like this one may help www.how-to-build-hotrods.com/hot-rod-wiring.html
  2. z mouse

    HybridZ may be shutting down.

    I donated back in July and it still does not show on my profile.
  3. Got your message.Substitute the one military green t shirt XL for black XL,Thanks.
  4. one XL military green short sleeve one XL military green hoodie zip code 04619
  5. z mouse

    HybridZ may be shutting down.

    I look at this site every day.Would be a terrible thing if it closed.Donation sent.
  6. z mouse

    Seat Cover Identification

    These covers were bought in the late 90's by the previous owner but sold the car before they were installed. I believe he was restoring a 260Z and never said where he bought them.
  7. z mouse

    Seat Cover Identification

    I am not going to use them on my car.Total wrong color.Still do not know if they are factory or after-market. I'll probably end up putting them on e-bay.
  8. z mouse

    Stronger motor mounts

    Seems to me,there was an article on here about using poly jeep motor mounts similar in dimensions to Datsun mounts?
  9. z mouse

    Seat Cover Identification

    Hi fellow z owners,i picked up these seat covers in a trade.Anyone recognize the color? Kind of a greenish beige.Don't know if they are factory or after market either.Thanks in advance.
  10. I installed the 4" and 2 5/8" a year ago.That size fit into the original gauge metal housing with a little modification so they bolt properly into the dash pad.The tach and speedo adjust buttons are easily reached with your finger.The smaller gauges are adjusted with a supplied remote cable and button.My turn signals,hi-beam indicator and fuel gauge are on the speedometer face.I also use their remote shift light on top of the dash.These are a top quality product,the only issues i have is, the tach and speedo placement is dark and hard to see in the daytime.Night is ok.I am sending mine back to change face to a lighter color,hope that helps.Also,in daylight,the gauges all have a reflective glare,maybe their optional domed window would help that.
  11. I changed all my suspension bushings to poly two years ago. Moustache bar and t/c rods are only rubber bushings left in car.Also put grease fittings everywhere.Big improvement,no squeaks.The poly kit fit and installed great.
  12. z mouse

    Big brake kit

    Call this guy by phone.He is great to talk to and knows datsun cars.Some people just don't have time for e-mails.texts etc.
  13. I ordered the window parts from z car source on september 09.After a couple of e-mails and couple of phone calls,still no delivery on october 15.I would look elsewhere for these parts.Poor service.
  14. z mouse

    Ohio Mile Sep 30-Oct 2.

    Congratulations,impressive work.Enjoyed your videos on youtube.
  15. z mouse

    what diff should i get?

    i have an r180 with 3.54 ratio,tremec 5 speed,225/50/16 tires =140+