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  1. Appreciate your input,Guess that makes my mind up,i'll order the Silver project parts. My 240 has all poly suspension except for the mustache bar and is ok for any NVH. It dawned on me that i put a solid diff mount on a few years ago. Didn't take long to remove that. So i see your point. Thanks.
  2. First,thanks for the replies. It's not a track car.Just trying to eliminate some of the darting.An alignment showed tow-in in the right rear. The problem has always been there and now new more aggressive tires has intensified the darting. So,just looking for more adjustment mainly in the rear. CalZ,what is NVH?
  3. Anyone have any experience buying parts ,or even hear of Silver project in Europe? Looking at their front and rear suspension parts.
  4. You have got a lot of excellent replies here,hope you don't get discouraged.Carefully read the ones from Michael and Gollum.Datsun z cars were built as a true sports car and i don't think quiet and smooth fits anywhere.Hard to compare a German car to a Datsun.These guys have all built their cars so are speaking from experience.I chose a Sbc carb engine for it's ease of installation and cost,bigger brakes and coil-overs.To quiet down the ride,there are all kinds of options here.I chose much horsepower,loud exhaust and ear plugs.
  5. By your photos,it looks like you installed a new harness? Start with some basics to understand the ignition system. Using an ignition switch along with a starter button and kill switch might be better. A site like this one may help www.how-to-build-hotrods.com/hot-rod-wiring.html
  6. Got your message.Substitute the one military green t shirt XL for black XL,Thanks.
  7. one XL military green short sleeve one XL military green hoodie zip code 04619
  8. These covers were bought in the late 90's by the previous owner but sold the car before they were installed. I believe he was restoring a 260Z and never said where he bought them.
  9. I am not going to use them on my car.Total wrong color.Still do not know if they are factory or after-market. I'll probably end up putting them on e-bay.
  10. Seems to me,there was an article on here about using poly jeep motor mounts similar in dimensions to Datsun mounts?
  11. Hi fellow z owners,i picked up these seat covers in a trade.Anyone recognize the color? Kind of a greenish beige.Don't know if they are factory or after market either.Thanks in advance.
  12. I installed the 4" and 2 5/8" a year ago.That size fit into the original gauge metal housing with a little modification so they bolt properly into the dash pad.The tach and speedo adjust buttons are easily reached with your finger.The smaller gauges are adjusted with a supplied remote cable and button.My turn signals,hi-beam indicator and fuel gauge are on the speedometer face.I also use their remote shift light on top of the dash.These are a top quality product,the only issues i have is, the tach and speedo placement is dark and hard to see in the daytime.Night is ok.I am sending mine back to
  13. I changed all my suspension bushings to poly two years ago. Moustache bar and t/c rods are only rubber bushings left in car.Also put grease fittings everywhere.Big improvement,no squeaks.The poly kit fit and installed great.
  14. Call this guy by phone.He is great to talk to and knows datsun cars.Some people just don't have time for e-mails.texts etc.
  15. I ordered the window parts from z car source on september 09.After a couple of e-mails and couple of phone calls,still no delivery on october 15.I would look elsewhere for these parts.Poor service.
  16. Congratulations,impressive work.Enjoyed your videos on youtube.
  17. i have an r180 with 3.54 ratio,tremec 5 speed,225/50/16 tires =140+
  18. installed a new rebel wiring system in my 1970 last winter and never bothered to wire the wiper motor,thinking I would do the Honda swap.mine were dragging slowly across the windshield,some times stopping.couple of weeks ago i took the motor out,ran a wire from a relay to the slow speed wire directly on the motor,by-passing the factory relay on the motor.pretty sure that factory wiper relay and wiring is the problem on some of the older z cars.i use a switch with an on/off function combined with a momentary function.actually a rear wiper switch from my 1983 zx parts car.the wipers work like a
  19. I run the maxima calipers.the fittings are 10 mm x 1 .use a stainless braided hose from frame to calipers
  20. on my engine,the thermo switch controls the ground on the fan relay.running a separate switched grounded wire to the thermo switch will run the fan constantly if that thermo switch fails.
  21. head lights, rad fans, fuel pump, wipers, heater,etc or anything that draws quite a bit.relays provide peace of mind.i think I have eleven on my car.
  22. small block chev engine is dead,avoid at all costs? what a statement.some one should let gm know that.from 1955 to 2011,they produced 100 million sbc engines and are still making them to this day.changing over to an ls motor and 6 speed for $3500 is a tall order.a freshened-up 327 with the right heads and cam in a 2400 pound car would work well.sounds like your car already has a lot of improvements done.build it safe and dependable and good luck.
  23. I have a 10 lb fidanza flywheel in a 1970 behind a sbc with edelbrock roller top end kit.,tremec rr 5 speed,355 gears.revs quicker now.setup works smooth as butter,do have to nurse it a bit pulling away but that could be the cam.love it.money well spent.
  24. if you pull off the panel just behind the door and below the side window you will see the mounts.(mine is a 1970).to repeat,i don't know what they are really meant for.just read that someone thought it was to run a horizontal bar (harness bar) behind the seats.they appear to be the right height for 5 point belts.maybe someone out there could clarify this.
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