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  1. Very nice. I also like seeing a mill with shavings/swarf everywhere like that. That's how my mill looks when I've just finished a job (i bet you even cleaned it up a bit for that photo right). Too many pictures out on the net of perfectly cleaned mills that you could eat off. Before i got a mill I didn't realize how much of my shed around the mill would be covered in crap. It's a messy operation guys!
  2. garvice

    1971 240z restoration PICS

    Nice wicky. You have a build thread for the truck? I'm doing a3sge beams in a510 sedan. Tiny engine bays. Had it running but haven't touched it in a year to finish it off.
  3. Very nice and i hope for your wallet that you have a good recycler. Ha.
  4. garvice

    Mike Kelly's Zcar Project

    Well done mate. Long journey but the first run must bring a big smile.
  5. Well said Derek. Lots of people don't understand the price of custom. I understand it but often can't bring myself to pay for it. Which normally means i end up building it myself and it takes that much longer. Enjoyable and rewarding but man it makes my projects drag on. Keep up the great work and hopefully there are enough people who appreciate the great work AND have the deep pockets to pay for it.
  6. Well done mate. Other than the obvious it seems very well behaved.
  7. garvice

    Evos 9sec 2jz build

    Awesome. Nice looking garage too.
  8. Exhaust done! No need for any me pipe work. Well ok, maybe a little to get the gas out the side of the engine bay.
  9. garvice

    Evos 9sec 2jz build

    I'm extremely jealous of you Americans. Having a car like that street registered in Australia would be close to impossible. Enjoy it mate!
  10. Looks great mate. Well done, enjoy.
  11. garvice

    Evos 9sec 2jz build

    Wow. Well done.
  12. garvice

    Built my sons a 4post hoist

    I had the same idea for chest of draws. Was going to get tradetools.com 7 drawer roll cabs for them. Figured that way when they are older they have a tool box. How's do you find the draws? Are they deep enough for clothes? Let me know if you want any close ups on how I put it together.
  13. garvice

    Built my sons a 4post hoist

    Just for looks guys. No brother smooshing action
  14. Well done mate. Very serious build. I'm just trying to finish a quick (18 month) cheap build on a 1600. Unfortunately due to the rust it turned into a full rebuild (over 2 years now). I know how things can snow ball.ha.