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  1. Did you ever capture your base maps? If so I would love a copy.
  2. For brake booster and turbo waste gate
  3. I've been working on installing a RB25det series 2 motor in a '73 S30. Two issues I am having trouble resolving are probably simple but not for me. Existing configuration is a series 2 RB25det motor with a Greddy style intake manifold. I need to find two things, preferably with a picture and/or schematic. !. Alternator wiring connection. 2. Vacuum source. Any help is appreciated
  4. Kclank

    Belly pans

    Has anyone on the GTO board put belly pans on their cars? If so do you have plans to share, and how did they work out? Thanks for any feedback.
  5. Kclank

    SDS wiring to RB25DET crank angle sensor (cas)

    Thank you sir. The magnets are in place. I did not understand that the hall sensor was replacing the advance function of the cas. Ross let me know a few days ago and you just confirmed it. thanks
  6. Kclank

    SDS wiring to RB25DET crank angle sensor (cas)

    Thanks for your input chickenman
  7. I am trying to set up a series 2 Skyline RB25DET with a SDS EM4. How does the CAS wire to the SDS EM4? the CAS has a 4 wire plug (#1 is +120 degs, , #2 is +1 degs, #3 is power supply, #4 is earth) which wires go to SDS and which pinout(s)? In the distant past, I had read some places the SDS doesnt talk to the CAS and other places that only use one of the signal wires. After recent searching I cant find anything on this subject. I have an email request into Ross at Racetech but have'nt heard back.Any and all help would be appreciated. Can I not wire to cas and get good timing function? Hair all pulled out. hep me hep me ahhhhhh!
  8. Kclank

    TPS for aftermarket throttle body

    What parts can fail?. Electronic component, mechanical failure, short circuit? I am poorly educated on this subject and need to research much more.
  9. Hi guys and gals. I am installing an RB25DET in a S30 body. It has the Isis style intake manifold and a generic 80 mm aftermarket throttle body. I will be using a SDS ECU (no MAF). As such I am looking for ideas for a TPS sensor. Any ideas suggestions, guidance?
  10. Kclank

    250 GTO Owners Thread

    Well done!
  11. Kclank

    240Z, 260Z, 280Z & ZX parts for sale

    model year 1973, Aug 1972 build
  12. Kclank

    RB25DET fuel injector shims

    Thanks much, appreciate it
  13. Anyone know a source for those little D shaped shims that sit between the top of the injector(s) and the fuel rail cap(s)? Nissan, Nismo, Perfomance supplier? I have hunted around (just looking at product lists) on the internet but have had no luck yet. I also could find no threads on this subject. Thanks in advance
  14. Kclank

    250 GTO Owners Thread

    My project is now back from the body shop. Next job is pumbing brakes, clutch, and fuel lines.