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  1. MaritimeRiceburn

    spacing rear bumper brackets

    I've been trying to get the rear bumpers back on my 240 after being rechromed and I can't seem to get them to line up properly without either contacting the rear end in some way or form or being crooked at the rear mounting points. The FSM is a bit vague on installing the rear bumpers and I've got a few questions. Are the brackets supposed to slide easily onto the centre section of the rear bumper? Mine seem to rub on the threads as they go on and contact the inner back side of the bumper. What side of the car should the shorter arm on the bumper to car bracket be on? Are there washers present in the OEM installation to space out the bumper from the car? Any pictures or advice on installation would be appreciated
  2. MaritimeRiceburn

    Ecoboost swap

    IIRC Several Ecoboost platforms have suffered from cooling issues ranging from minor things like oversized intercoolers to major overheating(Explorers/transits tended to grenade themselves and catch fire?). Carbon buildup fouling exhaust sensors is apparently a problem in most earlier engines leading to emissions system issues. The whole range burns oil, which has lead to several documented failures from lubrication issues(truth be told these were at the owner's fault for running the car dry, but still a potential problem for a used longblock buyer). The 2.3 in the Focus RS tends to blow headgaskets. I think what he means to say is that you should be very careful buying any used Ecoboost engine that didn't come from a crash and to check what model car it was sourced from, given the track record over various Ford platforms has been less than spectacular.
  3. MaritimeRiceburn

    What part would you like 3d printed?

    If you want a shift gate pm or post a pic of one from directly above. I've got a 4 speed but not a 5
  4. MaritimeRiceburn

    WTB Half shaft outer flange bolt

    I'm looking for an outer flange bolt, nut and washer for a 240z half shaft. Located in Nova Scotia, will pay shipping.
  5. MaritimeRiceburn

    WTB Early door latch sheet metal

    Looking to get a panel from the latch area of an early 240z door, anyone got a door they can sacrifice and send to Canada?
  6. MaritimeRiceburn

    Coilover Leveling Issues

    I'd personally suggest using the datem (?) Points on the cowl and rockers. You can stick a pencil in them and get a close enough measurement. The chassis has something crazy like 4mm tolerances
  7. MaritimeRiceburn

    Coilover Leveling Issues

    Floorboard twisting at that level is definitely not a good sign. A 1/4" dent in my firewall area floor pan was enough to set my car off in the front end. Check the alignment of the headlight bucket, turn signal housing and the hood/fender. If they seem to be out of alignment that's a good indicati on of a frame issue. Unfortunately with the way these cars are designed the strut tower won't give you an indication of a collision, as the majority of the bend should occur in the firewall area of the frame rail, just after or before the taper.
  8. MaritimeRiceburn

    240z sway bar clearance

    Thank's for the replies, I'm going to shorten the end links as suggested and I'll post back when I've got that done
  9. Just installed a suspension techniques swaybar on my car and noticed some clearance issues with the front frame rail. Looks like the bar will contact the seam when the suspension compresses. Is this a problem with the sway bar or do I need bump steer spacers to move my c arms down?
  10. MaritimeRiceburn

    WTB Drivers side door

    Looking for a driver's side door for an early s30. Located in Nova Scotia Canada but have a valid US mailing address as well.
  11. MaritimeRiceburn

    WTB 240z Passenger inner fender sheet metal

    Bump once again. I have a US address and US contacts, did a test fit of replacement frame rail, this is the area I am looking for:
  12. MaritimeRiceburn

    WTB 240z Passenger inner fender sheet metal

    bump, still looking. Located in Nova Scotia
  13. I have a question about installing Zedd Findings replacement frame rails into the engine bay of my Z. Looking at the rails it appears that there are a few discrepancies between the stock rails and the replacements. It appears that the rails are missing a taper from the originals as well there seems to be some differences between the mounts for the tow hooks between OEM and replacement Could anyone who has done this replacement before shed some light on how they got around this. The frame rails is in good shape near the front and could be butt welded, but I'd think that wouldn't be an optimal solution.
  14. MaritimeRiceburn

    End of inner fender question

    Just finishing up the work on the inner rocker area of my 240 and got a question about the way the inner and out fender panel meet at the corner of the wheel well. Does anyone have a picture of that it should Look like? Do bot the inner and outer follow the same line here?