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  1. Derek

    This was pretty funny

    At least I thought it was:)
  2. Derek


    I can't tell you exactly where they go but I can tell you basically what they do. The metal capillary tube goes in the evaporator. One wire is 12V from ignition and the other wire goes to the A/C compressor clutch.
  3. Derek

    .080" cam tower shims now available

    Hi I just finished up the cam tower shims and they are back in stock. Shoot me a PM if you want a set. Thanks Derek
  4. Yea hopefully it will open up some options for people. SN005 took a bullet for the team and payed for the fixtures and the programing. The tentative pricing I saw seemed pretty reasonable depending of course on the flow gains. I hand cleaned up the ports on my new head only removing the casting finish and then smoothing. I'm going to get if flowed so there will be some sort of base line.
  5. Derek

    .080" cam tower shims now available

    Hi Yes I still produce them but at the moment I'm out. I have the material and hey are scheduled for production next week. Thanks Derek
  6. DUDE

    Hi Derek I have a 72 240a and I have purchased an Gen 2 vintage air system, but I am having an issue finding a bracket for the compressor.  Can you help me out and possibly tell me were I can find one?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. DUDE


      Could you possibly post a picture of the bracket you have on there now? is it the original one?

    3. Derek


      it's an aftermarket. I'll try and get a pic but super busy right now

    4. DUDE


      No problem, thank you for it ahead of time.

  7. This is a production head or V4. I now refer to the production heads by their serial number. S/N005 is being assembled buy the person who bought it. He chose Xtreme to do the head work and so far I think he chose wisely. They take raw Porsche head castings and bring them all the way to a finished product so I felt comfortable with them doing the work. They also have experience with the K20. I'm hoping they become an option for people who can't wait on Rebello or like S/N005 want's to do their own build. I'm assuming they will flow the head so they will have good data for people that want to go that route.
  8. The owner of S/N005 sent me this video. Xtreme Cylinder Heads CNC porting. I have no idea why the video is giant. I uploaded it directly to the post Video.MOV
  9. Hi Phar Took you long enough:) It truly is an amazing process. It opens up so many things to be produced that would not have been practical before. The profile that I machine into the cams are oversized based on a Schneider profile. At that point any cam grinder with a Honda profile can finish them off. The lobe is large enough for most builds. It's S7 which means it's through hardened so you are not restricted by case thickness. Yea the VCT should be pretty interesting. I'm starting a pool for how many valves I bend before I get it all sorted:)
  10. VCT Progress! So slowly but surely I have been chipping away at making the VCT fit in the available space. What a freaking PIA. The problem with timing chains is you are constrained distance wise by the pitch of the chain and the adjustment can be a bit coarse. Multiply that by two and you can see how it can get tricky. I model things the best I can in 3D but when it comes to something like this I find a hands on approach leads to a more satisfactory result. Machined of the small gear from the KA24 idler. I'm using a 5C expanding mandrel that I machined to fit. Test fitting the Honda exhaust cam gear that I machined previously. Happy with the fit for sure. Quick test fit with the first idler sub plate. Looks good but I know from experience that there is a really long road from this point to the final fitting. Here are the finalish mockup sub plates for the idler gear and the tensioner arm pivot. I may move the idler up another .010" but I haven't decided. I do the majority of my prototyping in plastic. Easier to work with than aluminum and a lot cheaper. The idler plate will be steel and the pivot plate will be aluminum. Upper tensioner mount. The semi finished layout. Upper tensioner is from a Mazda 626. Hybridz member Tioga turned me on to this one . I reshaped the contact shoe a bit and slapped it on there. It is a ratcheting style. They can be problematic if the lobe design on the cams are crappy. The constant pumping on the chain can break the pawls. I'm making the assumption at this point the Schneiders lobe design is a lot better than Cranes and won't be a problem. I had to reshape the contact shoe and will probably work it some more if I stick with it. Tight fit but the bottom line is....It fits. Which is a good thing since I committed to the cams before I knew for sure. Unfortunately I can't access the VCT oil ports on the head because the idler gear is covering them but I already designed a manifold as a work around. So if the pictures make it look like this was a walk in the park here is a shot of the different versions of the sub plates I made to get the relationship between all those moving components the way I wanted them as well as fitting in the space I had to work with. I picked the wrong time to quit sniffing glue:)
  11. Derek

    Project Binkey

    Episode 17 dropped.
  12. I already have all the stress I can take right now. Thanks anyway:)
  13. Hi blog link http://www.datsunworks.com/Blog/ FAQ http://www.datsunworks.com/Blog/faq-for-twin-cam-cylinder-head/
  14. Got the VTC cams back from Schneider so I was able to mess around a bit wit the upper chain. Machining the center out of a stock Honda exhaust gear. Holy bajezas was that thing hard. I had to anneal the center to make any headway through it. Came out great though. Action shot. Looks promising but there is a lot left to do. Best part is my stuff is always S/N001
  15. Derek

    How to mount an EDIS wheel for $0.75

    That damper is different than the ones I have. Also the rubber on yours is looking pretty tired. I'd keep a close eye on it. The good news is with the trigger wheel bolted on at least it won't fly through the radiator when it lets go:) Glad to hear you got it sorted out.