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  1. And yet another timing chain mockup series. I'm convinced when they design a motor the first thing they do is the timing chain. Talk about restrictive. SN005 is building a tall deck motor so I needed to work out what we were doing on the timing chain. I was hoping that my normal KA setup would work with a redesigned pivot for the tensioner arm. Actually worked out better than the normal setup. It looks like the extra height on the head will allow the arm to clear the timing cover without modifying the cover. It uses all the stuff from a KA24 timing chain kit except the bottom chain needs to be a 94 link instead of the 92. I was trying to get the arm closer to the tensioner but this is the best I'm going to get. Each full link you add or subtract shortens or lengthens the chain by 5/8” so the adjustment is pretty coarse. The guides are stock out of the box Nissan KA24. The jumper brackets on the tension side are temporary. I’ll design something a little better. I'm happy with the angle on the top tensioner. The upper brackets should start to become a standard item at this point. I changed the way the cam cores are being produced. I'm bringing the cams to length after heat treating and then shipping them to Schnieder for OD turning. This is giving me a lot more control. I know it probably seems like this project has stalled but far from it. I just decided to concentrate on getting my build, V2 and SN005 finished off. I realized after selling 005 that there are still a lot of little details to work out and I don't have enough free time to do my regular work and support any more builds. The next three heads will go a lot smoother now that I have all of this worked out. Derek
  2. Derek

    EDIS mounting parts available

    Hi I have the kits available. They are $220.00 plus shipping. Here is a link to my web page that has all the details. EDIS Kit Thanks Derek
  3. I didn't realize Garage_junkie had a build thread here on Hybridz so I updated the the link in my earlier post to direct you there. I'm seeing most of these pics the first time and I'm just blown away how cool this build is going to be. Derek
  4. He has gone public so I'm assuming it's ok for me to post this link. 72 GTX Skyline build page It looks like it is going to be an epic build. I'm living vicariously through V3 and SN005 since I can't seem to find time to get my car back on the road:)
  5. More V3 porn. Just stunning IMHO
  6. Hi Phar Thanks Probably the VCT version will be running first since I have a running motor in a car to put the head on. Not sure what they will end up with. I'm planning on 11.5:1 on mine which will easily run pump gas. But that won't happen until I build my stroker. I'm helping SN005 with things directly related to the head but as far as engine building they know more than I do for sure. Xtreme is only doing the head machine work the owner is doing the rest of the build himself. I'm going to be running MS3 as it's required for the VCT. It uses pulse width modulation to vary an oil valve to the phaser and a sensor on the crank and intake cam to determine position. Jeff at Linfert Performance is handling all things ECU and VCT for me. He is doing SN005 as well. It is non VCT and running a MS3 and using Jenevy Heritage ITBs. No numbers on a turnkey head because (by design) currently no two head builds are the same. Of the three that have been sold they are very different levels. I upped the basic estimate on my FAQ for DOHC to $14-16 K at this point. Keep in mind this is without induction or exhaust. I'm not relying on Rebello as the sole source. Xtreme Has a lot of experience with K20 heads and that directly applies to the KN20. Right now I'm being very picky about who I sell to because it is really easy to get sideways on certain aspects of this. I only sold the head to SN005 because he had lined up Xtreme already and I made him qualify with me over the phone that he had the skills to do the rest of the build. I have no plans at all to offer a ready to bolt on head.
  7. Nope nope nope. Derek won't be lifting anyones port work nor will he be offering a "race version" so lets nip that right in the bud. I'm done with versions and design changes. This is the final version. It's amazing how even minor changes in a design can lead to a ton of extra work in downstream operations.
  8. Derek

    This was pretty funny

    At least I thought it was:)
  9. Derek


    I can't tell you exactly where they go but I can tell you basically what they do. The metal capillary tube goes in the evaporator. One wire is 12V from ignition and the other wire goes to the A/C compressor clutch.
  10. Derek

    .080" cam tower shims now available

    Hi I just finished up the cam tower shims and they are back in stock. Shoot me a PM if you want a set. Thanks Derek
  11. Yea hopefully it will open up some options for people. SN005 took a bullet for the team and payed for the fixtures and the programing. The tentative pricing I saw seemed pretty reasonable depending of course on the flow gains. I hand cleaned up the ports on my new head only removing the casting finish and then smoothing. I'm going to get if flowed so there will be some sort of base line.
  12. Derek

    .080" cam tower shims now available

    Hi Yes I still produce them but at the moment I'm out. I have the material and hey are scheduled for production next week. Thanks Derek
  13. DUDE

    Hi Derek I have a 72 240a and I have purchased an Gen 2 vintage air system, but I am having an issue finding a bracket for the compressor.  Can you help me out and possibly tell me were I can find one?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. DUDE


      Could you possibly post a picture of the bracket you have on there now? is it the original one?

    3. Derek


      it's an aftermarket. I'll try and get a pic but super busy right now

    4. DUDE


      No problem, thank you for it ahead of time.

  14. This is a production head or V4. I now refer to the production heads by their serial number. S/N005 is being assembled buy the person who bought it. He chose Xtreme to do the head work and so far I think he chose wisely. They take raw Porsche head castings and bring them all the way to a finished product so I felt comfortable with them doing the work. They also have experience with the K20. I'm hoping they become an option for people who can't wait on Rebello or like S/N005 want's to do their own build. I'm assuming they will flow the head so they will have good data for people that want to go that route.
  15. The owner of S/N005 sent me this video. Xtreme Cylinder Heads CNC porting. I have no idea why the video is giant. I uploaded it directly to the post Video.MOV