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  1. Back in the Datsun business!

    Let me be the first Derek to welcome you back Derek. Derek
  2. So here is what I ended up with the o-ring so far. I made the groove tighter than I normally would for a pressure seal. This way the o-ring stays in the groove well enough to handle without it falling out. For those of you that don't know o-ring grooves are wider than the o-ring to give the seal a place to go as it crushes. The valve cover isn't exactly a high pressure seal and the method of attachment doesn't have enough oomph to pull the seal down evenly. I started out with round but it seemed like it wasn’t providing enough contact area based on the mount of torque I could apply to the valve cover. I ran a square for a bit before the head shit the bed but I’m not sure if it was better or worse. My gut feeling is better because I really increased the contact area with the square profile. Makes sense in theoryville, the land of my people.
  3. Ready for battle! Getting geared up to start machining the heads. Officially the first production run.
  4. Got the valve covers done. They are machined and somewhat finished. I've decided that since I don't know what people plan to do for finishing that I would leave the final cleanup to them or their powder coater. I sanded down all of the sand tears, Rand a DA over most of it and then ran them in the vibratory finisher. The flange is grooved for a .125" o-ring. I also machine in clearance for the cam towers and bolts. There are 2 bosses on either side of the plug hole. This is for a KN20 COP. The bosses are positioned so that you can have the plug facing forward or backwards. It's up to the end user to drill and tap accordingly. Semi action shot.
  5. After this batch things should start picking up supply wise. All of the things I control move along quite quickly. Every thing else just takes forever.
  6. I did what I did because it looked nice:) Seriously.
  7. Hi. I don't know what tower with MPI refers to. I mean I probably do but not by that name. I hope demand is still there when I actually have heads to sell. No mater either way as long as I have one:)
  8. Probably not going to happen:) Actually V2 is a one of a kind head. V3 and V4 are virtually identical except for some adjustments to gating and wall thicknesses. V2 in visually different and totally unique. He also ended up with 2 valve covers and three timing covers since they only fit that head:)
  9. Well I hope to be making them for a good long time:) HP specs are based on estimations by Rebello since there are currently no running heads. V2 hasn't even been assembled yet since he decided to retire, build a custom house and shop and put a twin cam head on his Z car all at the same time. Hopefully that will be moving along soon. V3 is moving forward but slowly since it is only a small part of a comprehensive engine/car build.
  10. Thanks. It's kind of cool having a stack of DOHC castings sitting on the floor.
  11. Santa was late but better late than never:) Went down to the foundry and pored the remaining 4 heads right before the holiday break. Went down and picked them up a couple days ago. Next stop Ohio for hot isostatic pressing.
  12. L28 head 3D scan, flow, CNC

    Decent price is the sticking point. Even if you are starting with a raw casting the amount of machining is still pretty significant. A Mazworx 2JZ billet block is $9000.00 FYI.
  13. HybridZ may be shutting down.

    I would love to see a donation bar showing how much is still needed for the year. Also whatever is causing people to not show up as a donating member needs to be fixed if it hasn't already. Derek
  14. New 370Z Category?

    I personally think it is a good idea. They are Z cars and they are doing hybrid type work. Derek
  15. EFI newb advice/question maybe ITBs?

    One thing to consider is to hire a tuner to dial it all in. I had Jeff Linfert setup and tune my DOHC with ITBs and he did it all via email. Spending a little money up front getting things setup by a pro and then learning how to tweak may save you some frustration and get you on the road a lot quicker. I would find one in your area if you want to do dyno tuning as well. Derek