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  1. Good sorce for RB's in the north west (usa)

    Try Doug down at UPGarage in Tacomaa (253-565-9823)he deals with a lot of GTRs and has done a few RB swaps into S30s
  2. FS: Apexi Power FC D-Jetro

    finally sold.
  3. FS: Apexi Power FC D-Jetro

  4. FS: Apexi Power FC D-Jetro

    need this gone - price drop to $900 (shipped).
  5. FS: Apexi Power FC D-Jetro

    Still looking to sell this - lowering price to $1050 shipped in the US or Canada. Thx
  6. 1972 240z w/ RB26dett

    ****SOLD**** While a sad day, I wish the new owner all the best as he takes this car to the next level. bye bye car.... http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/3991523695/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/3992282958/
  7. Porsche Porn

    hmmm - maybe the sale of my rb240z could be the downpayment on one of these
  8. 1972 240z w/ RB26dett

    The buyer has made a deposit and will be inspecting the car in a few weeks. If anything changes I will let the Hybridz crowd know. Thanks, Matt.
  9. 1972 240z w/ RB26dett

    jakeoster - the valve cover finish is crinkle black powder coating.
  10. 1972 240z w/ RB26dett

    Sale pending. Thanks.
  11. 1972 240z w/ RB26dett

    I used the stock 240z rails and modified these to fit the Bride seats. I did take out the height spacers. I'm 5' 11" with a long torso and I have probably 4" of head room (enough for a helmet). No clearance issues on the doors either.
  12. Let's see your RB Z...

    Q - nice to see your car is finally on the road. BTW - you won't be disappointed with the Vipec - my car (soon to be ex-car) runs very smoothly with this ems.
  13. Woo Hoo! Got in a magazine!!!

    I saw that the other night and thought I recognized it. Nicely restored car - congrats.
  14. 1972 240z w/ RB26dett

    Drax - yep, I was looking for you as well, but I didn't see the "devil z" so I wasn't sure if you made it. Funny - I wondered if the car would get an award - but I had to head back north a bit early. Hopefully another deserving Z car took the award home!
  15. 1972 240z w/ RB26dett

    Thanks for the kind comments guys. KJones - sorry no AC, summers in the NW are way too mild to need that much cooling Rturbo930 - yep, i got out the rattle can a couple of nights ago and touched up the airdam. I wanted to let the new owner decide on where to go with the color. Dpuma8 - I'll email you later today.