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  1. Chris_Hamilton

    WTB Turbo T5 bellhousing

    Looking for a turbo T5 bellhousing, Thanks, Chris
  2. Chris_Hamilton

    WTB : LD28 intake manifold

    I've got one. I'll take some pics today and email you.
  3. Chris_Hamilton

    NOS 260 280Z 2+2 Roof Emblems

    These are still available if anyone is interested. $250.00 shipped. Thanks for looking.
  4. Sorry again for the delay in posting. I have had some issues. I thought that I would make these in stainless, but I failed to take into account how easily stainless work hardens. If I had dies and a press this would not be a real problem but since I'm hammer forming them trying to shrink the stainless around the form was an issue. So I'm in the process of doing a run of 25 sets in steel and then will send them out to a high quality chrome plating company in Richmond VA. This has morphed into more work than I imagined as I originally only planned to make a few at a time. So far I've made 12 sets and have 13 to go. Then I have to weld the two halves of each ring together. When I complete them I'll do some finish work on each set to ensure they are nice and straight so that the chrome plating looks nice. After I have them prepped Owner of the plating shop says it'll be a 2-3 week turnaround depending on how busy he is. Hopefully some of you will still want a set when I get them done. I'll post some pics of what I'm doing soon.
  5. Chris_Hamilton

    Maxima LD28 (V07) Crankshaft for sale

    Let me start by saying I don't want to sell this but I need some equipment for my Business and unfortunately I'm forced too. I got this from a guy on the East Coast who had been hording Maxima diesels for 25 years. This came from an 82 Maxima that was running at the time the engine was pulled. I heard the vehicle run. Odometer showed 36000 miles. It is in excellent condition. The crank was extremely clean when pulled. I simply wiped it down. There is some lint and stuff mixing with the oil that I have periodically applied in my pics in case you were wondering. No disappointments on this it is a nice piece. Oh I did have it checked for straightness and it was within spec. Less than .001 if I recall $1150.00 Local pickup or I can ship it to you. I will pay up to $50.00 of the shipping cost. Also I will make a plywood crate to form fit the crank, wrap and protect all journals. Please allow me a a day or so to do that. No lowball offers please. i also have a set of the '73 240Z 9mm connecting rods that is commonly used with this crank. Will sell them together or separate.
  6. Chris_Hamilton

    NOS 260 280Z 2+2 Roof Emblems

  7. Chris_Hamilton

    WTB a turbo distributor

    PM sent.
  8. Chris_Hamilton

    NOS 260 280Z 2+2 Roof Emblems

    Still available, will take $250 for the pair.
  9. Chris_Hamilton

    NOS 260 280Z 2+2 Roof Emblems

    I've had these for a while and since I'm not going to use them I figured I'd see if anyone was interested in them I have a set of NIB(new in box) 2+2 roof emblems. LH and RH. These are long since NLA. The boxes show some age and the emblems have been removed from the plastic, (still have the plastic bag for one). The emblems themselves are absolutely perfect. No blemishes anywhere. Absolutely like new. If you are looking for a set I'm sure you've seen they are next to impossible to find. One site has a new pair listed for almost $1000!! I'm looking to get $300 for the set. Shipping included anywhere in the US. Overseas shipping extra. Paypal only. Thanks for looking.
  10. Chris_Hamilton

    WTB a turbo distributor

    Looking for a turbo distributor for a megasquirt conversion. Thanks, Chris
  11. Chris_Hamilton

    Junk Yard Gem?

    My first Z was an early 260. IMO they are much better looking than a 280 with the huge ugly Fed bumpers. Only real bad thing about that car was the flat top carburetors and the massive vapor lock that would happen all the time. Being I was sixteen and this was 1988 (way before the internet) I had no clue that I could have swapped 240 carbs into the car and cured the vapor lock. But looks wise an early 260 doesn't look much different than a 240
  12. Chris_Hamilton

    Brackets for Z32 brakes on a S30

    Are these still available?
  13. Chris_Hamilton

    NA 3.1L=>head & camshaft questions. No shortcuts, max

    Core shift is an issue with these blocks along with people running tap water in them. I believe the 1 in 6 statement because it's a result of their testing many blocks over the years.