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  1. ZcarGarage Engine SEMA 2016 (LD28+OS Giken Head)

    Derek, your valve cover would also look good in red like that...or in a red wrinkle finish too
  2. R230? Diff Set Up

    I believe only the Z32TT and the Armada/QX45 SUV came with the R230 diff...at least in the US
  3. Takata 3" - 5Pt Racing Harnesses ( 3 pairs ):

    He said retail is $299 each (1 belt set) and the deal is $410 shipped for a pair (2 belt sets)
  4. High horsepower L28 turbo questions

    JeffP's site http://www.angelfire.com/extreme/280zxt/
  5. Please add me to the list for the next run (w/ centering ring)
  6. Dapper Lighting Version 2 Projector Headlights

    I sent payment earlier today.
  7. Subaru STi Differential Identification

    If a 3.54 with a Torsen, then it's off of an 07'.
  8. Dapper Lighting Version 2 Projector Headlights

    8 more orders to make the discount and free shipping!
  9. Subaru STi Differential Identification

    Torsen but an 07' is 3.54 and an 08' is a 3.9: http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/38251-complete-differential-list-need-help/?p=681962
  10. Dapper Lighting Version 2 Projector Headlights

    I'm in too…(No Halo/Chrome) 5000k, 55w HIDs
  11. http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/topic/117033-internal-fuel-sump-design/?p=1097081
  12. Custom LD28 Crankshaft

    If not the LD block I'm guessing a plate like the OS Giken one from their RB 3L kit.
  13. L6 Intake Manifold GROUP BUY

    mrcheeze36 bead blasted
  14. Factory cam specs?

  15. L6 Intake Manifold GROUP BUY

    From post #269: