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  1. Sorry I forgot to include my E-mail,

    [email protected]

  2. Hybrid Z Apparel

    Has any body received anything from Justin? Thanks Gary
  3. You Guys Will Like These...Ole Skool VeeDubs..PicS!

    Great pictures love the Vans. Don't see to many Crew Cabs. Thanks!!!
  4. New Strut Bars FOR SALE!!!!

    Hi Nemesis First off I'am sorry to hear about your job. Hang in there you do great work and your honest, you'll be fine! I did receive strut bars yesterday there are beautiful. I'am with other's here go into business for yourself or at least until some thing comes up. GOOD LUCK
  5. I've been running 4" side exhaust with no problems at all. We did notch front fenders up about 4 1/2 ". The pipes fit very nice between bottom of the door and bottom of the rockers. Have no problems at all with ground clearence. Has not damaged paint, yes it's loud, heat is not an issue, can't say the same about leg burns but that only happens once. Don't have flairs so could'nt tell ya about that. Love the sound and the look!!
  6. 1969 Camaro: Thoughts on Flipping this..

    I have built a few Camaro's and as much as I love the 67-69 Camaro's even I would have to pass on this one. There's way to much rust! This car is a plain jane Camaro not a SS or Z-28. Just my 2 cent's
  7. Momo wheels

    Tires and wheels sold thanks
  8. Rear disc conversion for 240z

    PM sent
  9. Momo wheels

    Four 15x7 Momo wheels 4 lug 4x114 with 205/60-15. Wheels very good condition. Tires have about 50% left $ 275.00 plus shipping
  10. Thinking of selling the 240z.

    Buy the house !! You can always found or build another Z. Nice cars like your's are still selling for a good price. Good luck house hunting.
  11. WTB R200 and mustache bar

    PM sent
  12. panasports with tires

    PM sent
  13. New Strut Bars FOR SALE!!!!

    PM sent
  14. And that is how the fight started

    Is a dog Mans best friend ?? Lets try this test-- On a hot summer day lock your dog and your wife into the trunk of your car. Come back in one hour and lets see who's happy to see you. And this will start a fight!!
  15. One more LS1 on the street.

    Larry: Very nice looking Z, Everything looks great Well done!!!