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  1. 78 280Z NA MS2 Setup

    Hows the MSII installing going? I am about to do the same thing in mine. I have all the parts for a turbo build just need to buy the MSII unit and build and install.
  2. As the title states, Looking for 280zx turbo dizzy w/ shaft and a turbo oil pump. PM me or shoot me a txt 732-551-6269.
  3. HY35

    Yeah I was thinking of going with the 440cc supra injectors since you seattlejester stated the SVO would be near max and pushing the limits. So it would have to be turbo dizzy then?
  4. HY35

    Thanks for the help! Also would I be able to run the stock na distributor, or will i have to run the zx? I see a lot of talk about locking the NA distributor, I believe this is to tune with the megasquirt? Therefore I should be able to use the stock dizzy and just lock it and run the turbo?
  5. Idle Issues

    Yeah thats exactly how it is right now, one way feels like power steering and turning the opposite feels like no power steering. Yes, I did top it off originally as my first step.
  6. Idle Issues

    Thanks for the help, found out there was a tear on that boot, i just taped it up to see if that was the issue, and it was. Car runs perfect again. Just a temporary fix for now will replace it. Once again thanks for the help! Instead of making another thread.....My power steering feels like its 1/2 way not there, but I did notice this was leaking the other day on the drivers side. https://ibb.co/ncAdAQ
  7. Idle Issues

    Okay, problem is the car wont stay running long enough for me to be in the engine bay looking for a vacuum leak. If I do not occasionally give the car gas it will die, which points to it being lean, and probably a vacuum leak as you stated as well. Would a hole in the elbow that goes to the throttle body cause such a problem as well?
  8. Idle Issues

    So I decided to fix my fuel injector problem (leaking injector) so once I got everything hooked back up the car fired up but wont stay running at idle. i drove it home from the shop and driving it responds great, normal as usual. Just if I let it idle the rpms will start to drop and the engine will eventually die. Im guessing it is a vacuum leak? I checked the hoses there are no rips or tears in them. In the attached photo , what is the circular thing that has the hose on the top of it, kinda looks like a wastegate and is goldish in color? When I turn the key to the on position I can hear air around there, not sure if it is escaping from the hoses, but they are not cracked and there were no clamps on it before I took it off. /
  9. HY35

    Hello everyone, I know I will probobly get flammed for this but I was wondering what supporting mods I would need for the zx while running a hy35. I am looking for moderate 300-350hp. Engine My 81zx is NA , so it has the flat tops and higher compression. Would running just the 2mm thicker head gasket suffice. Fuel Merkur XR4TI / Ford SVO - ---Would these suffice or bigger injectors needed? ---New Fuel pump Walbro 255 Management ---Was going to go with Mega Squirt , If I do what is needed from the ZXT engine, anything? Wastegate ---Running external, mounted on exhaust manifold. Intercooler ---Was thinking maybe a dodge srt4 neon intercooler , stock unit is good to 350-400 hp. What do you all think? Any suggestions or additions?
  10. Cheap Coilover mod

    Would these work in the zx https://i.ytimg.com/vi/TbCA4k1zQSI/maxresdefault.jpg ? They are JDM Nissan Silvia 180SX S13 TEIN TYPE HA Coilovers Suspensions 240SX
  11. Ducktail Spoiler

    Dam, I really like the duck tail spoiler , i do not know if I can justify spending just about the cost of the spoiler in shipping alone, same goes for if I want a front air dam
  12. Ducktail Spoiler

    Anyone every purchase this from ebay? http://www.ebay.com/itm/1979-1983-Bre-Style-Rear-Spoiler-6-that-fits-Nissan-Datsun-280zx-/112467424361?fits=Make%3ADatsun&hash=item1a2f94b469:g:CoYAAOSwz71ZWmWM&vxp=mtr#shpCntId What do you think of it? I would buy the one from zstore but I am in Alaska and to ship the spoiler is 150, basically the cost of the item.
  13. Cheap Coilover mod

    Ill prob hold out then until I find a good deal on the 240sx coils and just use them then,
  14. Cheap Coilover mod

    So I just recently purchased a s130, and I was wanting to put coilovers on the car. However, I noticed some people have used coilover sleeves and cut the struts on the car to make a modified coilover. Such as this https://www.zdriver.com/forums/280zx-brakes-wheels-suspension-chassis-81/how-make-%2450-front-coilovers-37341/. However I notied that my car has KYB struts. Would I be able to use the KYB and do this mod? Also, has anyone else done this and have any experience on it? Ebay kit , or too cheaply made?