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  1. Keep in mind that those kseries making 300+HP na are vtec heads... I was once big into Hondas for many years as they were cheap and easy to build for fun street cars, but you take a vtec engine, disconnect the VTEC solenoid and that engine is going to run like poop compared to the power you're making with vtec funtioning. But, I realize these heads are being produced as a non VTEC head, so I'm sure they'll run healthy. Just don't make the mistake of thinking it'll make equal power to a VTEC head, cause it wont.
  2. Any updates on this?
  3. LegnaZetr0

    FlawleZ's '87 NA2T

    Those are seriously impressive numbers!
  4. LegnaZetr0

    Project Fairlady z

    Hey what's up lead foot, im almost positive I won't be going gnose anymore but I'm also pretty sure I will not end up using the factory ones either. I'm will most likely buy fiberglass ones and try to widen them since I'm planning to go widebody. Send me a pm and we'll talk. Also I have been updating this build under the members project section so if anyone wants to check it out there's been a good amount of progress made since I've last posted here.
  5. Yeah definitely higher than I would spray ppg, looks good though, can't wait to see it on the ground with the wats installed
  6. The finish came out much better this time, good job! What pressure did you shoot the clear at?
  7. LegnaZetr0

    Group Buy on SpeedHut Gauges

    pm sent.
  8. LegnaZetr0

    Christine's 280z Project

    This is a mean looking z, love it.
  9. Just read through your build, SEM products are great, I've used their carbo-fil and interior paint at work and on my personal project. I'm a big fan of ppg products though, if prepped properly paint chipping off should never be a problem. Either way the doors came out looking good, Post up pics of the chassis once you finish it!
  10. LegnaZetr0

    Project Fairlady z

    Actually, I'm not looking for anything loud color wise.. I guess i could see how it'd come off that way with the lime yellow haha, i thought 112 lime yellow would be a little softer, but maybe i was thinking of 919 yellow. I'm a big fan of the Pastel like vintage looking colors, I will have to decide about the flares. Someone should reproduce a panel starting from below the body line And the whole wheel arch area to make a easier repair for the cut quarters. That way it wouldn't be as big of a deal to patch it back up to original if for some reason i had a change of heart years later. And thanks a lot for all the good feedback rturbo 930, it really helps to toss around other ideas.
  11. LegnaZetr0

    Project Fairlady z

    For example if you look closely I don't believe that orange z with the gnose and flares has the wheel arches cut. And still has wider wheels on it...
  12. LegnaZetr0

    Project Fairlady z

    If I go gnose I will be running work flares front and back with the work front lip. If I don't go gnose then work flares on the rear and then the wide 3.25 zg flares up front. Now, trust me i really don't want to cut up the quarters either... Maybe I can leave them uncut like the original zg's? I can still run wide wheels just not slam it (which I don't plan to either way) And thanks for those pics! I want to stray away from orange just because i saw a nice Rb swapped 432 clone fairlady in a magazine years ago, stateside.
  13. LegnaZetr0

    Project Fairlady z

    If you read this please Give your opinion on the color situation, not gonna hurt my feelings! I'm thinking possibly paint matching the flares? Or if anyone has seen a 112 lime yellow z with flares that looks good post up a pic! Thanks!
  14. LegnaZetr0

    Project Fairlady z

    Alright so finally got a VPN working on my computer, so now i can post the progress up that was made before i came here. COMPLETELY off topic but this is my other toy so i thought i would share, She's a 99 R1 turbocharged This was my first time racing her at the track since i got her all up and running, I bought her with the turbo kit already on it but the bike wasn't running so she got a head up refresh, new gaskets etc. Fixed a ton of leaks on the turbo setup and redid some intercooler piping. Fixed wiring up a bit where needed, rebuilt carbs and got them somewhat dialed in still needs a real tune by a carb specialist. Dyno showed shes very rich down low and leaning out on top under boost. She made 189rwhp & 202ftlbs tq. @ 4lbs of boost. (I plan to retune her when i get home for 10lbs. and then 14lbs on race fuel) Here i am wasting good rubber My best time was 10.096 @143mph. I broke 4 teeth off the rear sprocket on that launch so the chain was skipping the whole way down that pass. So considering that I'm very happy with my time Okay, so the next thing on my to do list now that all rust has been removed was welding in the front camber plates and rear adapter plates for the coilovers. I didn't take any picture of them with just welds but they weren't anything beautiful to show off anyway, just functional. I ground down all the welds on all four strut towers and applied the first coat of filler to start the Beautifying process. I used a product that is called "Carbo-fil" that was recommended to me by the sandblaster. Really like this stuff, dries like metal! Here they are with the first coat of carbo-fil applied and some primer so the bare spots wouldn't corrode before i got around to finishing it. At this point months passed before i worked on here again. Actually all the following work i did in 2 days before leaving to china, decided i wanted to make a good push before she sat for a year. After relocating her to my brothers garage for storage i decided i was gonna fully prep my engine bay and paint it before leaving, I had already decided on a color so i got straight to work. This process took a FULL days worth of work, in just prepping. I'm pretty anal so my main concern was making those towers look as smooth as possible. But I'm happy to say I think i accomplished the finish i was going for. The following morning i prepped the rest of the bay. (yes i really spent an entire day on just the strut towers) And Then it was time to start laying down base color... NOW i know this color will cause controversy, some will hate it some will love it (at the time i loved it, I'll go more into that in a bit) 112 Lime Yellow =D You guys have no idea how good it felt to finally be getting ready to lay down some paint on my z after all this time of her sitting around with no progress. I was like a fat kid at a candy store that was left unattended, happy. Base coat on! =) I gave her three coats of base, then it was time for the fun part to start.. Time to give this color some life. CLEAR COAT! (also three coats) Not too shabby for a self taught hobbiest And then here's my pride and joy. I'm very pleased with how smooth these towers came out, shows that prep is everything. That long day was definitely worth it. Gotta have cool angle shots =) Sorry for the excessive engine bay pics, but i was very pleased with the outcome so i went picture crazy. After everything dried we made room for her in the garage and i started tacking the front back on to save space while she's stored. Removed all the tape, and reinstalled the crossmember (which my very supportive gf painted black for me while i was doing the bay) Then me and my brother CAREFULLY mounted the L swap back in place, again to save room. And this is how and where she will sit until i get back to the states. NOW my dilemma... There's always a dilemma. I choose this color because I've always loved it (and still do) but at this point i was planning on staying stock fenders, without running flares since everyone is always busting my balls about cutting up the rear fenders on an original Fairlady. But while I've been here I've had a lot of time to think of what i really want out of the car, and fact is i want it to be wide, and i want at least 10 inch wheels on the rear. At the end of the day its my car, my build and although people may not like me cutting up the fenders, thats not my concern because i have no intentions on selling it so i have to build it to my liking. At this point I'm sold on flares, problem is i don't think this color will flow good with flares... Let me know what you guys think, but i just don't think it'll work. So as of right now I'm considering going with another color that was a possibility before i decided on the 112 lime yellow. BUT i am open to suggestions, Oh and one more thing. I also plan to use a gnose.. So gnose and flares in 112 yellow? Maybe two tone with dirty silver? I don't know opinions appreciated good or bad! Well i hope you guys enjoy the update, and I'm super excited to get back home and start making progress again.