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  1. 72240Z

    WTB CAM core

    Do you need an early cam that uses a spray bar or a later cam that oils through the cam? I have an early one from a 240 ,the 280 cam from LanceVance should be The one on top is a late cam. The one on bottom is a early cam.
  2. 72240Z

    Need Rear Right Valance 240z-280z

    You need that part from a 70 to 73 after that they changed. A good body shop should be able to fix the part you have.
  3. 72240Z

    WTB: 9mm 240z Connecting Rods

    PM ed you about the rods you are looking for.
  4. 72240Z

    240z Air cleaner

    More pictures for Z-Rider
  5. 72240Z

    240z Air cleaner

    Round top
  6. 72240Z

    240z Air cleaner

    I have one of a 73 240 with a little surface rust. What do you consider cheap?It's in Asheboro NC 27203 so shipping might be high unless you know a cheap method.
  7. 72240Z

    Part of rear quarter needed for 260z

    If I were you I would pound it out with a body hammer. But if you want that piece I have a 73 240 I can cut it off, if you will draw a line around where you want it cut I will make sure the piece I have is good $25 plus shipping from Asheboro NC 27203
  8. 72240Z

    WTB 260Z Gas Tank Drain Plug - NJ

    That's good to know. Thanks for the reply.
  9. 72240Z

    L series front trans case

    73 4speed whole trans
  10. 72240Z

    WTB 260Z Gas Tank Drain Plug - NJ

    would the plug from a 240 work? I may have one I will have to look tomorrow.
  11. 72240Z

    L series front trans case

    What do you consider priced right? And could you pick it up in North Carolina?I know it's farther than you want to drive.
  12. 72240Z

    Rear window wanted for 1972 240z

    I have one in an old rusty hatch I'm in Asheboro NC it is 154 miles from Shaw AFB if you are interested in it you can message me
  13. 72240Z

    Stock rear spindle/knuckle needed

    zboi I sent you a private message.
  14. 72240Z

    Stock rear spindle/knuckle needed

    Do you need the whole strut? It sounds like you may need the A arm too.It's to wet today but I think Saturday is going to be nice. If you want to pull the parts I will let you have the strut the A arm and the axle for $65
  15. 72240Z

    Stock rear spindle/knuckle needed

    I have a 73 240 in Asheboro NC. Did you take the spindle lock bolt out?