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  1. I found it, PM me with your address and how you want it shipped. I'm in Asheboro NC 27203
  2. If you can wait till next week I will look to see if I have a spare, it's yours for shipping if I can find it.
  3. https://vintagezparts.com/product/licence-plate-light-cover/
  4. I misunderstood what you wanted, if these won't work for you I will try to get the measurements tomorrow.
  5. If no one else posts them before tomorrow I will get them for you.
  6. I believe he is looking for one one of these, This one is gone but now you have a picture of what you need.
  7. I cleaned it up. It's not perfect but it looks good.
  8. I don't know if the 240 cover will fit but I have the 48470-N3600 cover if you need it. It's dirty from storage.
  9. I have the parts you want but the shipping might make the cost to high, can't you find those parts in the UK?
  10. Do you need an early cam that uses a spray bar or a later cam that oils through the cam? I have an early one from a 240 ,the 280 cam from LanceVance should be The one on top is a late cam. The one on bottom is a early cam.
  11. You need that part from a 70 to 73 after that they changed. A good body shop should be able to fix the part you have.
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