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Like the look of the build, love the rad piping. I think you'll probably already be doing it as you have shimmed the oil pump but its probably worth changing the oil cooler setup to thermostat controlled from pressure controlled (good write-up here on it). I'm running a 7mgte in a 260z at the moment, can say its a lot of fun to drive! Will eventually switch to an aftermarket ECU I think so will be watching keenly, same for how you wire up your rev counter



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Thats looks beautiful.  Excellent fab work and welding as Lance mentioned the pie-cuts are fabulous.


You could have shaved a month off the build by just buying bends hahahaha


Unlike many, the pie cuts here are done well. Normally not a fan, but here I don't mind them

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seattlejester, ill get some pics for you next time I can!


Nelsonian, here's a pic of the current status:




ECU Is all wired and just trimming up the loose end before I send it to Independent speed shop to have tuned and setup!!! Can hardly wait now!!



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Well I've decided to give a bit of an update rather than just the previous video:


  • Accidentally shorted the VEMS due to 1 wire... So i did what I should have done and picked up a Haltech S500 to get it running in the previous video
  • Tranny is KOD, so I will be rebuilding that over my winter break
  • No Hp/Tq numbers yet, did get a chance to run it on the dyno but no power pulls, I would like to break it in first
  • Going to need to re-wire the engine bay
  • Also going to have to change the BOV, has major leakage upon idle and low boost <1lb 
  • most likely will be running new fuel lines, current ones are too weak
  • Also will be putting in a different FPR

Hopefully when It is rewired and plumbed Ill tune it too 12lbs and see how that goes!!


BLOZ UP - I found an excel spread sheet on google that allows me to plug in my required variables and it will tell me how long to cut and at what angle I need to cut at:



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Just a small update of my current status. She is running and moving under its own power but strongly needs a tune. Recently just been driving around locally to keep the engine running every now and then. Also Picked up some new RAYS Gram Lights 57V's for a steal. Paid $1000 CAD for a set and they are normally ~$350 USD a piece and threw on some used Toyo R1R 195/50/R50 tires for now. 


Looking to install the suspension for the car that I've had sitting around for over a year during the summer, clean up some wiring and get it on the dyno for a final tune!! Then i can finally start to daily it yahoo!!


Some pictures and videos of her current status










/\ Ride height looks cockeyed and crappy because the suspension is soooooo shot. The struts have no gas charge or oil left in them hahah, can't wait to fix that this summer


Recent quick video of it running 




And a quick run around the neighborhood, ignore the camera shaking, I just taped my phone to the rear view!! Hahaha


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Thank you! 


Finally wrote my last exam of the semester on Friday and got right to work on the car. Started with some small things then began installing the suspension that I have had sitting here for a year. Also got some new tie rods in, new rad pipe and tried to clean up the grease deposits on the front end from the old leaky suspension.






Hopefully the car will sit a little lower once the suspension has all settled. Even if it doesn't I am happy with the height as I want to have a performing car, not a stance machine!



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