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Nothing much going on, it's been the Summer of rain here in Ontario, so my time with the Z has been severely limited.


A couple of weeks ago I did have my 60-2 trigger wheel fly off the front of the crank and knock a hole in one of the radiator tubes before hitting the road surface. I strongly suspect it was my own fault though, as I probably (in a hungover state on a Sunday afternoon) didn't use lock washers on the fasteners for the trigger wheel. Took about 5000 miles to walk the screws out of the harmonic balancer though. Easy enough fix, a $100 patch job on the rad at a local shop and a new trigger wheel. Rad still cools like a champ, and the trigger wheel is actually an improvement since Electromotive updated it's design some years back. I used red loctite on the screws this time, and also sourced longer hex cap machine screws, as well as fresh washers and lock washers. I'll keep an eye on it too the usual paranoia after something fails once thing...


Took a few shots of the car this weekend. High res versions available on flickr here is anyone is interested: https://www.flickr.com/gp/[email protected]/6v3057


The Ontario Z Car Club Zfest car show is on Sunday, July 23rd in Hamilton Ontario. I'll be taking the drive down for it, so hopefully I'll get to see a few other cars from on here while there. Excited for it!








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Thanks scartail! They are 15x8" with a 0 offset. The car is lowered about 2” all round, and I had to roll the rear fender arches for clearance due to tire rub.


Grannyknot, can't wait to see your car - looks like you've got a very busy week ahead of you to get it all ready in time!

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There hasn't been a whole lot to update on here this Summer.  I've been driving the car very regularly and logged a few thousand miles without any issues - the car is running well and I'm having a blast!  

One small update is the new battery I am now running though.  I somehow managed to win "viewers choice" in a local car show that was sponsored by Braille, and the prize was a B2317 battery.  GOOD PRIZE!!!  The thing is pretty tiny, weighs just 17lbs, and according to the sheet that came in the box it's rated for around 750CCA.  I wasted no time throwing it in the car.  

I'm sure some folks will no doubt take exception to me cutting up a super-duper-mad-rare series 1 jack cover here, but trust me when I say that it was pretty beat up anyway.  Either way, the install looks pretty tidy to me!  The old AGM battery I had behind the seat weighed 45lbs and was large enough to limit how far the passenger seat could roll back on the seat rails.  With the Braille, I have lost 28lbs, and it's small enough that the passenger seat can slide all the way back again.  Quite pleased!  

I've also attached a couple more pics of the car, just because... :)










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