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Gauging interest on universal knock light.

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Hey guys,


A friend of mine has been building these knock lights that work really, really well.  They are programmable, to use ANY knock sensor.  The only down side of this unit is that you have to wire in your own knock sensor, and you have to do some testing on it.  Not a big deal.  It comes with everything you need including the the USB cable for programming.


It comes with 5-6 ft of shielded wire ready to go as well too.  



LEDs to show intensity of the knock

It has a HEADPHONE jack (my favorite feature.  One wire to the knock gauge, and the other in to the Aux in of a radio).

It supports both digital and analog out.






He sales these units at 109 a pop, but obviously there is a discount as units sell.  


But I just wanted to gauge interest to see if anyone else would be interested.



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I would be interested in one...wish the CDN dollar wasn't such a turd right now, but if we can get at least a little off, it would certainly be worth it. Seems like a reasonable price for what is all included. Even if group buy doesn't proceed, I'd be interested in where to buy one.



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