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Transmission cleaning

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I am in the process of replacing the input shafts bearing and countershaft bearings in my 5 spd.

My question is can I clean the gears and syncrose while I have the case split.

They are pretty nasty....sat for 20 years.

What could I clean it with?

Could i use brake cleaner?


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Spray can carb cleaner, paint thinner, Varsol, (just not water based cleaners) and a old tooth brush, blow it out after with compressed air, then oil it again. If you are not completely disassembling everything and feel there is still gunk that you didn't get you can run ATF as the tranny fluid for a day, then drain and fill with proper oil. ATF has alot of detergents and will scrub everything nicely, just don't push it, no hard shifts.

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