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Scca E Prod slick size

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I'd look into Hoosier R7's. A 225/45R15 will fit nicely on a 15x7, and is 22.8" tall for nice gearing. Tread width is 8.6" Fairly inexpensive option at $260/each. 





Another good option if you are concerned with budget (not sure about skill level/experience/wallet size etc) would be Spec Miata takeoffs which are the right size (205/50R15) and should be really inexpensive. 


http://www.jbracingtires.net/ John is a great resource for used tires if you can't find anybody local to you that uses them. 

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Let me put in my two cents worth. They're not "EP" tires, as these size tires can be run in many classes. So there is not such thing as an EP tire.


My favorite of all time the Goodyear 1782. Its a bias slick. If you want to lay down some fast times, use these. Goodyear is struggling with trying to get back into SCCA and doesn't really have their new compounding finished yet.


The Hoosier R7 is a great tire, and my next favorite. It's a grooved DOT spec tire and you probably should run a slick since you're allowed.



Hoosier makes a slick radial too called the S80. This tire never worked that great on the Z. Don't ask me to explain, I just couldn't get anywhere near the grip with that tire as I could with the cantilever. The sidewall is so soft that you'll have to change your spring rates big time. The lotus, and the miatias have reacted well to this tire but I proved to myself that Hoosier went backwards for me when they went from the Hoosier r80 to the s80.




The setups between the cantilever and the radial are totally different, so I recommend choosing what's best for you and sticking with it.



Fast laps- GY1782  430 compound

longevity -Hoosier S80

longevity--hoosier r7


Greg Ira

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I ended up going with used Hoosier 23.0x 9.5-15. They just fit on the car. I have drivers school in August and hopefully at least one race in September. So if I destroy a tire I won't feel so bad.


Thanks for all of the help.


Dave Hopkins

Have fun. There is nothing like a gummy set of real Road Racing slicks on a warm day to make you smile. When you start pulling both inside wheels at an Autocross, you know you have some serious grip!!!

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