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Interesting S13 front suspension conversion

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Some little info I was able to gather.


This is to a kit to adapt the front suspension from an S13 Silvia onto an S30.


Kit contents:

Aragosta? Argo star? Not sure of the brand adjustable coilover with 7k swift springs

Lexus 4 pot caliper

330mm bench (mercedes benz? sometimes called bench in certain asian countries) rotor

Modified S13 lower control arms pillow ball bushing

S13 roll center ball joint (nagisa auto?)

Not sure on the next two but my guess are in reference to the tension arm and the tie rod arm

S13 bearing carrier (hub)


Benefits would be additional camber adjustability from the macpherson mount, not having to pull the hub when you want to replace disks, more options for coilovers, the ability to run and adjust an inverted shock coilover without having to deal with slots or special tools, larger then stock brakes, vented front brakes, spherical tension arm bushings mean no preload on the suspension from that arm. That is just off the top of my head. I'm sure you could probably even dial in some caster depending on how you mount the top hat.

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S13 front swaps have been done in other build threads on here if you look. And I don't mean just swapping the coilovers with a weld-in threaded collar.


The problem with those swaps (and likely this one) is that none of them adjust the changes in Ackerman by switching the knuckles from a rack behind the axle to a rack in front of the axle. Obviously unless the project involved swapping a rear mounted rack also. One build thread did extensive modification to the knuckle to correct the Ackerman.


As was pointed out, such a swap can offer many potential benefits down the road. This kit uses different brakes, but Z32 aluminum calipers, vented rotors, and 5 lug swaps are bolt on for these or S14 spindles.

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