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Brake indicator switch rebuild

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Well I got it... After a full day of heating and working at it, I figured it out.


I tried going at it with compressed air but that had no effect.


My next to last Idea was to attack it with the grease gun. Napa has 10x1.00mm grease zerks (part number 715-2008) that I was able to mount on the ends. after attaching the grease gun to it and pumping it a few times, the plunger shifted. After that, I applied the blow torch and continued to pump with the grease gun until the end popped out sending burnt grease everywhere.


it is now going to soak in the cleaner overnight again and tomorrow, I will clean up the bore and hopefully replace the seals.


77, DATSUN!!! (for real, make???), 280z 2+2.






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Got everything put back together and am happy that after owning the car for 6 years, the red brake light has finally gone out.


Zx brake master

2+2 stock booster

No prop valve

S12+8 vented  (multi size pistons) calipers in the front

240sx calipers in the back

I like the red up.

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