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I took the valve cover off today to adjust my valve lashes, I tried to clean it as much as I could with simple green degreaser. Would it be safe to reattach in this condition? Or should I continue to clean it completely?


The seals on the inside around the baffle plate look worn out and I'm worried some of it will get into the engine, some of it chipped off while I was scrubbing it. Is there any way I can scape off the old sealing and re seal the edges? Or do I need a new valve cover?




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Of course you can.  Underneath the larger blobs of epoxy are screws that you'll have to remove.  I cleaned all the epoxy off mine, and just reinstalled it without the epoxy.  Use Loctite on the screws. I'm not getting any excessive oil in my catch can.  This is a common issue with these old cars.  Search around to see what others did.

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 No need to put any sealant in there. Nissan engineers were just being extra diligent when they designed those baffle plates.   100 Times better design than what passes for an oil baffle on Small Block Chevies. Blue Loctite on screws and you will be Golden. 


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