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Noobie; '72 240z running a zz4--stumble on tip in

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If you had the Holley manual you would know that Holley sells a clear sight glass that allows visual setting of the floats. No wonder why you are having a hard time  with the carb


Download the Holley pdf for your carb and read it!

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It was carb related, I still don't know what happened but the Holley was flooding the left bank of the dual plane intake, flooding 3/5/2/8 (by memory) which are fed by the left side of the intake.  I stole the Edlebrock 1407 off my '62 Galaxie and she fired right up and ran great.  I've been through the Holley 4 times and can't figure out what is up, warped metering block, something crazy, I replaced every part to no effect.  Might get one of these if I can't find what's up with Holley


I think the spark issue was just the plugs starting to foul.  I always assumed the timing light would fire when on a wire even if the plug wasn't sparking, someone set me straight on that.  All ignition efforts were unrelated but we have a new cap and rotor.:)

The Holley is messed up that's for sure.  The old girl wants to rip it up with the Edlebrock on there, although I suspect it's too much for this motor being a 700cfm carb but it'll get the groceries home anyway until we can either sort the holley or find a replacement.

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So what went wrong first I don't know but in the re-re-rebuild I put the wrong meter block gasket on and that induced serious flooding.  That sorted it out.  Then we starting battling the choke, long long story but the end is a manual choke and I had to modify it.  End result is we're running strong again.  Now try to get some heat as it's getting cold around here.

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