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Floors wet

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My 1973 240z was parked in the rain for a few hours. When i moved it inside I noticed the right side of the drivers side footwell was soaked. The windows were closed. I cant tell where the water came from. The cowl drain appears unkinked and dry. The area near the door was dry. The area under the dash was dry. There was some moisture at the base of the windshield but no where near the quantity of the water on the floor. Is there a common area for water to leak in from?


Thank you.

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There is an open channel between the windshield and the seal.  Water can leak in from one place on the outside and a different place on the inside.  Take it for a drive and see if water appears from nowhere and beads up on the inside of the lower corner of the seal when going around a corner.


It can also leak through the door by the window and out between the door panel and the door.  Run your fingers along the bottom of the door panel and check for wetness.

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