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  1. @jhm thank you, sir! Update: ACP in Penn. is making me a Stahl style header. Greg was keen on not skimping on this part. Also got me an ATI damper and all parts for the front suspension are in hand: - Apex s130 low-profile adjustable tie-rods (steering). Starts at 3/4”+ track on S30 - John’s OEM LCA mod with adjustable track - Futofab TC rods - GC coilover w/sectioned OEM struts. GC bolt-on camber plates - Koni 8610’s questions: 1) anyone run a racing/lightweight alternator? Greg uses Li batteries w/o alt., and just charges the batteries after the race. I don’t think I’m there yet, so looking for a compromise. I found this. Eager for your feedback! 2) looking into AIM dash loggers. Anyone run these or have any preferences? PS: mocking up the pedal assembly
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