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  1. This guy does have a point. If you would read some of his work you might could uderstand it better. I dont know if he should have used the word "Nazis" though. Basically he is saying the entire world economy revolves around American and people (Arabs in general) are tired of it. Are we ignorant enough to think the US was attacked because Arabs "hate our culture"??? Please there are far deeper reasons than that.
  2. Tim I wanted to make that comment also, but was afraid how you older guys would perceive it, since I am 18 and all I thought you would think I was immature. But Tim you have opened the door! jk. But yes I would dong her also.
  3. I agree, 10k is a little stiff, and no one ever gets what they put into a car. I bought a jeep 4k once and spent another 4k lifting it, 35 inch tires, the works. I could only sell it for 4500. That is why I am not selling my Z becuase i have WAY to much money in it and will never get anything back.
  4. I am going to have to agree with Tim, but I have seen some with rims on them that look pretty sweet. But after all the plusses you metioned, it dosent sound to bad, plus Toyotas last forever.
  5. that is very weird indeed, i just got my quarter class out today myself, i think mine said, "keep spending more money on me"
  6. DCZ, I am located three hours to the west of you. My mechanic is actually located in Rutherfordton NC. I am going down there this week to pic up some fiberglass fenders I bought from him. What exactly do you need? I am willing to pick it up.
  7. Stony, are you still going to be running an RB? I saw you sold that one, i wasnt sure what you were running now.
  8. Jayru, where are you located? My mechanic has about 100 first gen Z cars at his shop. I am sure he will sell you one with rusty pans or a bad motor for nothing.
  9. I use to have an 1988 944, bought it off the original owner, guards red, black leather. Anyways I agree on the clutch thing, but that car would handle like none other, but I prefer my Z anyday. A power steering pump on my 944 was $650.!!!!!
  10. The steel quarter panels are still made, www.tabcobodyparts.com
  11. Oh yes I have seen many people get yelled at for not searching!
  12. Hi everyone, I have been reading forums on HBZ for probally three years now. I registered a long time ago but never posted and have since forgot my old name on here etc. etc. I just now have deceided to get a new name on here. Right now I am working on a 76 280z turbo swap, hope to continue to enjoy this site even more that I already have!!! Just wanted to say to all! Matt
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