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  1. i just read up on this.. you sir are building my dream car.. please dont give up and give us some updates please!!
  2. Thanks everyone! And it will be 325-350hp at the crank to, not the wheels
  3. people have done l28et swaps for 240z and 260z before.
  4. ok thanks, so basically, by opening up the intake manifold and heads/cams will even out the hp/tq..
  5. So I can run the whole car from a megasquirt? And I have a intercooler, fuel pump, and stainless steal fuel lines edit: where can i get a the full megasquirt 2?
  6. I was just wondering why l28et make so much more TQ than HP, I always noticed on other engines it was the other way around?
  7. sorry man.. Props though on the numbers.
  8. 97' camery is close to a honda lol
  9. Hi I've tried doing some researching but i cant find any specific answers. I have a l28et but no ecu or harness.. my final goal is 325-350hp, can i skip getting the stock ecu and get an after market ecu and harness? If so what kind should i get? i have heard MS2 is good but i dont know If i have to have the stock ecu and a MS2... Thanks in advance! Daniel
  10. I feel like this is a noobish question, but why do l28et make more torque than hp??? i though it was usually the other way around. Nice numbers tho
  11. im looking at a l28et, but it doesnt run.. would doing a compression test be the best way to tell if the motor is in somewhat good condition. im guessing from previous post it should be above 115.... thanks, sorry for stealing your post for a second lol
  12. thanks for starting this, lol im in the same boat as you. I need to find out what im going to do with my electronics.. i only have about 1500-2000 as well, although im going for 325hp from the crank
  13. Thats pretty good to me, i might do the same
  14. i got a 84 in a 40 but i was still considered a juvi.. so i got let off pretty easy but i cant drive for a few more months lol congrats on the car tho it looks really nice with the yellow. im 18 tho
  15. Gila32, how old are you? if you dont mind me asking lol, im interested what the insurance is on this
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