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  1. Got one. Taken off parts car way back. Diagram still feels good though. Exterior is very good too. In Denton tx.
  2. Hate to highjack your thread, but I need a decent rear center dsommer.
  3. I could have it damn near perfect in less than an hour. Let me know and I' ll machine buff it out with some Mothers next Tuesday after Labor day. I'll send you some pix. DK
  4. I've got one. Needs to be cleaned up, but it has been machine polished. I'll take $90 shipped. DK
  5. All you need is 70-72 bumper brackets and a early bumper. I did mine, and it was a bolt in. DK
  6. FYI If you need a complete board, I have one out of an early '74. I can send you pictures if your interested. David K
  7. I sent Kevin 3 last September. He sent me a check within two days, and had the trucking company pick them up a day later. I had access to shrink wrap, pallets, and a forklift. But, I'm sure Kevin would specify a lift gate for those of you in residential areas. Just go out to Home Depot or Lowe's and see if they'll give you a pallet. And, get some banding strap from Depot( in lumber dep.) and ask an associate for ten feet of it and a banding clip. Just tell them your strapping something to your car. DK
  8. Say this on the Dallas area Craiglist. http://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/pts/934890259.html
  9. Mine did. It's a '73. Is yours a early or late '74? Pretty sure it should work. Don't forget to bypass the park switch.
  10. I carry(consealed) my Glock .40 . I like it for its lightness. I also have a Sig 229 .40 . It's a little heavier, but I like its feel. Hell, I like shooting. Seems like .40 amo is cheaper anyway.
  11. I have a new unused set of MSA street flares for sale. Let me know if your interested, and I'll get you some pictures. They were $239 when I bought them, which was six years ago.
  12. Ditto! Have you seen what the hotrod '50s and '60s guys are doing with the old custom cars? They're restoring them to the original "custom" look. Get that car and list it on Ebay, Craigs, etc. Somebody(like me!) would kill to find a car like that.
  13. Hey dsommer What kinda Momo did the Scarabs have? I have a personnal in my '72 that's circa '78 '79. It' black with black leather. I'll get you a picture if you want. Thought about putting a stocker back in it. Let me know. DK
  14. Hey guys, think I have some front fillers if you're still interested. They're off of a '73 but should work on an early '74. Let me know.
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