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  1. I wouldn’t probably be this nice . It’s bad enough you pay ahead of time and now no refund - BS
  2. That’s another pet peeve with these vendors . They don’t k is their stock . I’ve been told things have gone back order and the stuff shows up 2 days later . Not sure how they can be that disorganized
  3. I try to cut them slack where I can , but some of the stuff they do - like other small businesses is bad. I am on day two of getting a refund or return “ approved “ I sent an email and pic as requested . It was a very recent purchase . It’s obvious the part made was of poor workmanship . Even though I spoke with the vendor , it has to go to the owner for approval . Meanwhile I’m in limbo whether I get my money back or buy another product or buy from another vendor . It’s not rocket science , it’s just a bad part . It doesn’t need to go to congress to make this BIG decision . When a custome
  4. I think they are all bad , but I’m just a grumpy parts buyer I guess. I think it’s BS that Z Car Depot doesn’t take calls . Business has never been better so let’s offer less service . I’ve been dealing with Ryan from the beginning . It was better when they answered the phone . I don’t get the mentality to save a buck by giving cutting customer service which in turn looses business . All the vendors are riding the wave right now with Z values going up . MSA sent my stuff to my old address that I haven’t lived in for 10 years . That’s after thousands of dollars of business at my new ad
  5. I would lock your timing down or get a programmable EFI that controls timing .
  6. I wish we would get more of the “old timers “ back . The trend of social media has killed the wealth of knowledge we used to have around here . You can’t really research anything on social media either . Not saying that’s where you were , but hoping for a slight revival of the forums .
  7. I went to cable linkage and no regrets . Glad someone gets something from all I’ve posted over the years
  8. Follow the instructions for current type tach . It’s been too long so I can’t remember which ones it was .
  9. Doing a upgrade on a 72 . I would recommend what was said earlier , run a relay . I would get a T for your oil pressure sender and add a pressure switch and use it as the ground for the relay . I would pull power from the battery directly for the relay . I would run the pump 12v from the relay and tie into the green wire under the glove box . I don’t know whether I would use the ground back at the tank or just ground the pump at the chassis at the pump - probably the latter . I would order a fuel pump meant for an older carb engine like a Mazda rx7 . Summit carries a Carter that puts out 2.
  10. G- Force is rated at 650lbs I believe . and it’s more like 3500 $
  11. From my research you have a zone you need to stay in or stay out of . Maybe this engine is based on the latter . I was surprised to see it myself . Running a 38cc head to get 10.75:1 . It runs good and haven’t blown it up yet!
  12. I’ll keep you in mind if this trans is junk
  13. Thought I would add my photos of the MN-47 sliced up for future reference . It will show up on a Google search for someone
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