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  1. madkaw

    Ms3x install

    Im still not keeping up -lol Now tuning on a Protunerz intake . Not much different than the last intake but the longer runners help the low end . Something I’ve noticed with ALL these plenum intakes is that the air is not always equal across the cylinders . I am probably one of the very few that has a 6-2 header that continue on to duals AND have a Wideband on each side of the exhaust . The tendacy of these plenums that under high vacuum situations ( idle or lower KPA) , the first 3 cylinders indicate that they run leaner - as if they are stealing the air out of the room . As soon as KPA gets above idle the AFR’s start to even up quickly . Not sure if you could detect this on the plugs unless you ran your engine very lean . The Megasquirt 3X allows for injector trim which I have been adjusting . To get AFR’s to match up between the two banks I add as much as 20% to high vacuum cell areas . It also can be felt by a smoother engine operation . Now this is mostly over- run conditions and light throttle modulation during highway cruise . I’ve checked calibration on my Spartan 14.7 wideband and they seem correct . I have my ego sensors separated by banks . I guess I also wonder why tuner analyze won’t pull in more fuel in these situations , I use the same AFR table for both ego sensors . Just thought this was interesting and most won’t see this with their 6-1 header where it all averages out
  2. I’ve reached out to Modern Driveline to see what Paul thinks . I think at the time he did offer a .75 OD at an extra cost . I didn’t think about this scenario . I’ve asked if I can use the NWC 5th gear like it was on my G Force
  3. Swapped out cams today and my back knows it . So I’ve never had this cam in with the Protunerz intake . I did run this Bonk 1 with the N42 intake . Lots of torque down low . The larger runners(38mm) are huge compared to the n42 and that alone moved the power band up the rpm’s range . The Bonk 2 just exacerbated the loss of low end . i think this might be a good midway place to be . Id probably say that the runners could be a little smaller to be optimum . I will dyno run this thing whenever I think I got it tuned in well . Just found the only negative of my new WC trans. The .63 overdrive puts me right in the drone zone - it’s about ridiculous . Not sure what I can do about it . I have resonators in my exhaust - but might have to try a Hemoltz style to fix this . Good day all in all .
  4. I neglected to share my transmission upgrade/downgrade - depends on your perspective . I was previously running a GForce T5 with straight cut gears . Whine was cool for one year and I was over it . Loved being able to slam gears and not worrying about shock loading the trans . Really liked all the shifter options with the T5. i know some guys don’t like the heavy/ notchy shifter , but I like the feel . I didn’t want to replace the G Force with the OEM NWC T5 . Didn’t want a 71B or 71C and parts are getting scarce . CD009 meant more weight , less room and more retro fitting . What I did was found a way to run a new Tremec T5 world class . I had to source a tailshaft from a WC T5 that put the shifter in the right position . NWC output shaft is only 1.3” and a WC is 1.5” so you can’t use the NWC tailshaft unless you weld build it and machine it out and hope it gets done right . I got Modern Driveline to help me out doing the R&D . I sourced a WC tailshaft from a Commodore out of Australia . Shifter location is exactly the same . Modern Driveline machined the input shaft for proper length and pilot bearing size . I run a Ford clutch and I run an internal slave unit . Modern Driveline installed the tailshaft on their new trans and made sure it worked good . That put a new detent plate in for the shifter and since I bought the trans new they honored their 2 year warranty ! Trans is very quiet and so far all is good . It’s rated at 330 ft pounds on a 3300 pound car , so it’s plenty strong enough . Best part is the trans bolts in just like the Nissan one . Yes you also need to modify the DS
  5. Been driving her around with the new shiny bits and everything seems to be working well. No dyno runs coming up. I plan on swapping out my Bonk 2 cam to got back to Bonk 1 . Not sure I want or like this huge cam . Power band is really high which is okay - but I want some more low end . I think the longer runners with this intake has made things better than the previous intake , but power band is still way above 4K . I built a motor that can handle these rpm’s , but I’m wanting a little more civility for the road . Then there’s the stink of all that duration . So if anyone is looking for a race cam I will be selling this Bonk 2 . Now that I’ve gotten rid of the noisy G Force trans I can hear myself think driving around . Now I can hear noises that maybe were there before and I just could hear them . I think my Kameari tensioner is making the noise I hear now . Not sure how I can verify that though .
  6. I have 2 housings in great shape . No pitting and all the threads are in good shape. 100$ each - includes shipping in the US sfinnerty1018@gmail.com
  7. Plus he had the intake hanging loose . It’s a very close fit to the thermostat where a millimeter makes a difference
  8. Runners are too short for the rpm range I want to make power at . Probably not as big a deal for a turbo - but for my NA it is
  9. Well like this video saying “issues with new manifold “ . I don’t see issues for a manifold that is NOT advertised as an exact OEM replacement . There are some other videos .
  10. I realized I wasn’t keeping up with my threads . When I worked in the RR I would get stuck in hotels and had lots of time to post and desk wrench . Then I retired and went bonkers working on Z’s to support my habit . 3 years later and my back is broken and I just keep busy on my stuff .FB was okay but I do miss these forums . I especially miss the great talent here , but I am always referring people to this site for real info and not a social media opinion . Funny thing is I bought a 720 and started posting on Ratsun because that was about the only site for these trucks . Today I looked and my thread has 40k views - who would have thought . The guys there have been very helpful and I try and ignore the threads that are political in nature . This site has been the most helpful for me with my z .
  11. Well it’s a new year so time for a new intake - lol. I have issues with my intake so instead of fixing them right now I decided to take the easy route and buy a Protunerz intake set up. Pretty nice piece. Not many options for aftermarket intakes for our motors and glad to see they put this one together . Only found one issue with a misaligned hole that holds the IAC in place . I just altered the mounting hole on the IAC . Of course nothing is just bolt on . I have to change some fuel line placement and vacuum lines and also the CAI piping . Pretty easy stuff since I was running a similar intake . I watched a couple of you tube videos that different guys made of their install - it was painful to watch . They shouldn’t be making any How To videos and they didn’t make PROTUNERZ’s look good . I like what they did with the throttle body . There’s a port for the IAT and IAC . The plenum has a PCV port on the underside! As well as the 4 vacuum ports up top . I think the price is good for all 3 pieces - plenum, fuel rail , TB and all the hardware and fittings
  12. Completely different . Futofabs work but more play
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