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  1. Also forgot to mention, special discounts for those of you in the military!
  2. For those interested in investing in a set of forged wheels, here is a new option for you... The company is obviously Forged Union in case you missed the title lol, and the owner's name is Jon. I can vouch for his craftsmanship and attention to detail. The wheels that he built for me are works of art in my opinion, and the customer service was awesome. As of right now, he has 2 designs ready, but multiple more are in the works. keep in mind this company is brand new. Anyways, here are the 2 wheels already designed... "Split 5" And the ones he built for me, "Revilution" I know he mentioned building a mesh design and a 10 spoke also, maybe even a straight 5 spoke... Sizes are 17's and up. If you want a stepped lip, 18" is the smallest diameter. Obviously being 3 pcs wheels, width and offset options are endless. And I am pretty sure you could get any design with a 4x114.3 lug pattern. If you have any questions, email him at sales@forgedunion.com
  3. Another thing I'd like to make is a cf headliner with built in dome light. So many ideas...
  4. How about I offer a hybrid... 1-2 layers of carbon fiber on the outside, and 2-4 layers of fiberglass underneath. This way you get the CF look without the CF price. It would cost a little bit more than a fiberglass piece. Any interest in this?
  5. That's a bit too much. You can do your own mold for alot cheaper. However, I have only found places in the UK who sell the molding epoxy. Which works for me since I'll be in Europe anyway.
  6. About the dash... maybe eventually, but I dont want to get into anything that will be a pain to ship across the sea. Eventually though!
  7. Some parts I can use off my own car like the steering column trim. I like that idea alot! Single or dual gauge?
  8. Well definitely let me know what you have to donate. I'll msg you my current address. My goal is to start making the molds once I get to Germany, as I don't have much time before I leave, which is sometime in July. Don't worry about shipping cost to Germany, it's not that much for small light weight stuff. All I ask is that people be patient at first.
  9. Another idea I've been thinking about is a custom cf grill with fog lights and integrated led turn signals.
  10. Thinking about starting with custom center console, rear view mirror, and door handle trim.
  11. I am planning to start mass producing Carbon fiber trim pieces, and eventually larger pieces and body panels. I'm looking for feedback on parts you guys would like to see in carbon fiber. Also whoever volunteers to send me the oem part for me to make a mold will get the CF part for free, you'll just have to pay shipping. Keep in mind that I am moving to Germany for a few years, so I will set up shop when I get there and start making the molds. So how about it guys...
  12. I bought mine from a company on Ebay if that helps. You can check out my build thread to compare and see if that looks like what you have. Or I can post pics of mine on here later when I get off work.
  13. That's right, my bad lol. The kit I have uses 82 zx rotors, and 85 maxima calipers.
  14. Do you have any pics with that front bumper installed?
  15. I'm not a fan of those wheels, but the fitment is nice on stock fenders.
  16. Sounds like a solid Z though, and a really good deal.
  17. Ask the seller if he can jack the car up so you can take a look at the underside. That would be easier than lifting the carpet.
  18. $3,500 is what I paid for mine, and is a good price for a rust free 280. Be sure to look under the battery, in the hatch area, and frame rails.
  19. Forged Union "Revilution". They haven't started producing these yet, these are the first, and and the company is a new branch off NewGen Wheels.
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