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  1. Or maybe a RD28 bottom end, with a RB head? The RD28 looks like a RD from the bottom. Pick a RD28 turbodiesel, and get oilsquirters under the pistons! All the oil and water matches, exept the rear oil drain, but then, the RB heads usually gets extra oild drain in the rear anyway...
  2. A Z is no worse than any other rwd car. And I never use 3rd gear starts at winter. But,the Z is more fun to drive in snow than many other rwd cars! Driving sideways, and almost sitting on the rear tires is different, and fun. I used my 280Z at some trackdays on ice, and because I had really good wintertires, I even passed some 4wd cars.
  3. On the R32 and the LinkPlus, I use the stock idle components, and the Link controls it perfect. On my Z it don`t have much idle control stock, just cold starting. But, I compensate some of the idle ignition with the autronic, and if the idle rpm drops, it gives more ignition, and the rpm goes up again. On start up, it`s no problem to just compensate with ignition, instead of idle air. Or just step a little on the gas pedal...
  4. LinkPlus G3 on the Skyline, Autronic SMC on the 280Z.
  5. I run a LinkPlus G3 on my skyline, and Autronic smc on my 280Z. I LOVE the LinkPlus, it has - easy to understand software - plug and play installation, the map-sensor connects to the maf wiring - has plenty of extra in and out connections, meaning, if I want an extra function, it is ready for it. (boostcontrol etc) - sequential, if that means something for anybody and a lot of other things. I also have a "displayLink", it logs everything, and shows ALL data from the ecu. The Autronic smc is old now, but runs my Z perfect. It does not have much extra functions, and the software is not too good. But, it does have perfect control on my engine. I would never even think of piggy back. Too much work, for too little engine control, waste of money. I would advice people who want a new ecu, to spend a lot of time on the net, see whats available, look for pricing (not the most important thing!!!). And think of who has to do the mapping. If you have someone other to do it, ask what system they know, if you are doing it self, download some software and see if you understand it, and if it`s easy to work with. And, if you think of adding more to your car later, can the ecu handle it.
  6. I just found a inboard cam from a car being passed by me, on a trackday on ice... Wait for 15 secs to go, and enjoy! And, turn down the volume, strange music.
  7. My 280Z is not a DD, but I`m not afraid of using it. I like to have it ready to drive anytime, just to have the pleasure of drive it when I want. It is usually garaged, but it does see winter... I wish I had some pictures of it when we had a local trackday, on ICE. Iceracing a Z is FUN!
  8. It`s a 240Z from Norway. Powered by a VG30DETT konverted to singelturbo, don`t remember any hp-number, 4-500hp maybe. Colour from a 350Z. The owner is an employe of a Nissan dealer in Norway, the first company who imported a Skyline GT-R to Norway. The car was also in a video from High Octane, named "High Octane Skandinavia".
  9. Not a hybridZ, but all Nissan. A friend of me was driving at a local track here in Norway, called acr, Arctic Circle Raceway, and another friend was passenger. But, the driver loves to go sideways, the passenger don`t... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coKvGycLmEc The language is Norwegian, but the driving is fun, and you can hear the drivers name "Ole" alot... The car is a Nissan 200sx S13, with a RB25DET.
  10. This was new to me. What is the Tomei Restrictor thing? I think I broke a piston in my RB20, but when I put it on boost, and drive it hard, too much oil gets in my catch tank. I will repair my engine, but that restrictor sounds interesting, do you have more info on it?
  11. You will find deatschwerks injectors at, guess.... http://www.deatschwerks.com/catalog/ I bought a set of 550 injectors there for my R32 gts-t, and they all work perfect.
  12. No, my point would be to make a petrol engine of a diesel bottom with a gasoline head. All injection and ignition! From a RDiesel28 to a RB28. No dieseloilburner... Power? How much power would a RB28DET engine make? 500hp++?
  13. I have seen some info somewhere on the net... Of people converting the diesel engine RD28 with a RB head, from a RB25/26DET(T). Does anybody know some more of this? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nissan_RD_engine The RD28 is more available in europe, they came in the Laurel and Patrol, ca -90 models +/- some years. And, I was thinking of get a head from a RB25DET, and put it on the RD28 engine, building a RB28DET!!! Could someone tell me if this would be a good engine, or is there some reason for this engine to break down, or give poor power? Would the diesel crank or other internals be no good? The wikipedia don`t say if this would be a bolt on head... I already have a autronic smc in my z, so there would be no problem in controlling the engine. Also, what kind of transmission would fit this engine? The best would be if an transmission from a RB-powered skyline would fit.
  14. The S12, is called a lot of things - Silvia 200sx 180zx gazelle and maybe some names i dont remember. I think the 180zx name was only used for the s12 chassie, produced from -84 to -89, and was named 180zx in sweden and uk, maybe some other places too. It was powered by the ca18et.
  15. The LM-1 has 5 analog inputs, and the lambda sensor. The 5 extra inputs is just 0-5v. It logs all 6 inputs. The RPM convertor uses one of the inputs, and converts rpm pulses to an analog signal for the LM-1 to use, and gives you connectors to mount cables for the rest of the inputs. I bought my LM-1 with the auxbox (LMA-3), and with the built in map sensor it is perfect for mapping my autronic! The software presents it in a map/rpm chart, and shows the afr-ratio all over, and makes it easy to see were to correct. I would say you should buy the auxbox.
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