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  1. It’s been a while since I’ve posted here but there’s always good technical knowledge on this board. This is not Z related but a header question in general. I’ve got a set of BMW headers that doesn’t have consistent flange to primary pipe transitions. There are gaps between the primary pipes and the ID of the flange where ideally it should be flush (welded on the backside). Most of them are close to flush but the worst gap is about 1/8”. My question is should I go ahead and use them as is or should I attempt to fix the gap? Can a high temp metal filler be used to fill the gap? I do
  2. This one? http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/101750-240z-build-sr20det-the-new-thread-long-first-post/
  3. Glad to see you're out enjoying the car and that she's still running strong. I always wanted to take the Z up there when I was in FL but never got the chance. Looking forward to seeing more pics of the car as your build progresses.
  4. Veloster turbo. 200hp and 38mpg highway. It will probably come in just over the 20k budget though.
  5. Good to see the car back in action. I remember following your build the first time around. Have fun at laguna seca
  6. Just google search carfax and whatever price you want to pay. Ex: "carfax $5". Make sure you filter the search for the past week. What kind of car? S2000?
  7. I was shopping for a WRX/STI earlier this year and after researching I narrowed my choice down to a '06 WRX because of the displacement increase to 2.5L and the revised front end kinda grew on me but I would prefer any pre '07 STI just for the reliability of the 6-speed tranny and the performance out the box. I know I would have wanted to mod the WRX and the 5-speeds have pretty bad reliability with any power increases. I test drove a '04 STI and it was a really fun car to drive. It felt like a more refined version of my old turbo 240Z.
  8. I've used Graebel to move cross country twice. They moved all my stuff including vehicles. Only had minor problems like scratches on furniture but no problems with the vehicles. Don't know what they cost though since my company covered it. Drive down the coast to Carmel.
  9. Nice pickup with all the upgrades. I was actually in the market for for an E36 M3 a few months ago. I was hoping to find one like yours with just the right mods. Couldn't find a clean one in my area so I ended up with a E46 M3. I still would like a E36 one of these days.
  10. What year are the seat belts out of?

  11. I have a Nissan T5 bell housing if that's what you're looking for. I'm in WA 98383
  12. I have just the P90A head if you're interested.
  13. I have both R180 and R200 mustache bars and R200 front mount. Have a R200 too but it's a 3.54. Don't know how much shipping to Finland would be.
  14. Where to send payment can we do 80 shipped

  15. Mods please delete. Wrong forum.
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