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  1. Thanks Pete. I just emailed SDS since I noticed the site had eliminated many of the **SDS Top Tuners** from the dealer list and experience with my setup for the second set of eyes I need. They said: "Many shops have gone out of business in the last 5 years. Nobody near you who I could recommend. If you have a wideband, we can help you with specific problems. If you have a hot cam and ITBs and are trying to drive on the street, tuning will not be easy." Awesome!!
  2. Thanks again Tony for everything as you always shed your realistic light on everything. Yes it was only one dyno session but man did that really hurt my ego and all the work I thought i did correctly. I'm sure it's something in the wiring, the brain has been sent out and has the latest and greatest firmware etc in it. I think it boils down to the harness I made while having the right intentions I could be the cause. I've had a few people contact me on here after my posting and I told them all what I have invested and I agree it would be foolish and start over. I just wish I had another set of eyes to look at it or get the boys from the north to come and help sort it out... I am so close its not even funny which is the sad part!
  3. That's how I feel Jesse, you can see how far this thread goes back... Thanks for your words of wisdom as always Tony. I'm running the EM-6F (coil packs and hall sensor off a custom BHJ pulley. Look like they have already done the HKS style box.. Once I had it running decent I loaded her up and took her to a local tuner that I knew didn't specialize in SDS but I wanted to give it a shot. We had her strapped down she was idling a little high 1300-1400rpm and started make the first pull. Well I couldn't get out of second gear so we went to the LCD. The LCD was freaking out showing black boxes on the display, so I whipped out the troubleshoot guide and followed the directions specific to that. Nothing we seen was out of line, started her back up (mind you we haven't touched anything) and the idle would raise slightly on its own hold the drop down 600rpm then back up. We messed with it for over an hour and the shop felt bad and only charged me the strap down fee. So I towed her home and she has been sitting since. I have a personal relationship with the guys from SDS and I have even offered to fly them in yet to no avail. I've even posted in this forum to reach out to other SDS owners local to me for help with no results. It seems like the more and more people I talk to who are either tuners or car guys say ditch the SDS and start over. Others are saying if the end goal is EFI turbo ditch the ITB.. The more this goes along the higher the price tag keeps on getting unfortunately..
  4. I don't want the hassle of dealing with 6 ITB's over a single throttle body. Yes it can be done, yes I know the RB26 uses them stock but it was a pain to get them running decent. Besides Extrudabody only makes the back plate and I would have to have someone build the plenum to enclose them. By "Full Turbo" I mean I've had a built L28ET minus the turbo bits for years. What I thought was a progression stage and evolution of power for this engine only caused more headache. Time to $hit or get off the pot unless you have any better ideas? I'm close to washing my hands with these ITB and definitely done with SDS. I need a more modern ECU and something that someone local can tune and not rely on email and phone exchanges for minimal gain. No local car guys anymore just beyond frustrated Tony is all..
  5. Alright folks, thinking about selling the ITBs, Injectors, Header and Exhaust. It's time to go full turbo...... Any interest PM me....
  6. The Corrigan family is in my thoughts and prayers. Cancer just plain sucks and always happens to the nice ones.
  7. Still trying to sell it from 2010? http://m.zdriver.com/forums/showthread.php?p=294448#post294448 Can you explain this? http://m.zdriver.com/forums/showpost.php?p=294444&postcount=11
  8. Good deal Mike. I'm picking up a 25ft/25pin serial printer cable (different colors 16gauge around $10-$12) to re-run my SDS behind the seat and have runs for constant 12v from the starter, keyed 12v all with inline fuse and dedicated ground from a distro block. Anything outside of the cockpit will be wrapped in Raychem DR-25 Heat Shrink Tubing and Nomex fireproof braided sleeving. You might want to add an extra run to say the fuel pump just in case. I plan on doing it right for the last time.. Where's Thomas is he partaking??
  9. My bud Kevin is selling his Performance Parts business called Extrudabody he is ready to retire! I have one of the first sets on my Z. These pictures represent a sample of the 1600 CAD's that go with the SALE! If you are interested or know someone contact Kevin at kthornton@extrudabody.com Extrudabody Designs and Concepts Album: http://www.facebook.com/#!/media/set/?set=a.10150938558221297.407056.382348171296&type=1 http://www.extrudabody.com Thanks
  10. Yep I used it and now use a Rebello street damper.
  11. "The engine has been upgraded with Individual Throttle Bodies" :lol: I knew I should have held onto my 4 door box..
  12. Ouch Dave. This is only what's to come this winter especially after all the crap we've been through this year..
  13. Ran across this ad earlier (don't know seller): http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/pts/2633502779.html and http://www.datsunclassifieds.com/showproduct.php/product/6409/title/240z-series-1-dash-wiring-harness26amp-3b-gauges/cat/4 or this if you need factory fresh $$$: http://www.new-datsun-parts.com/240Z-parts-electrical.html
  14. Just move by me, houses aren't bad you can live in the country and get a big work shop for the toys. Plenty of engineering work with the base too. Drop off my cylinder head on the way
  15. Hell Yeah, is this the same 260Z from Japan I lost track...
  16. Try this: http://www.atlanticz.ca/zclub/techtips/calcs/engine%20builder/index.html and this: http://www.zcarcreations.com/downloads/lengine.zip Play around with different combos and see what you get with what you got before you get too far. It might end up costing you more in the end than buying an L28ET. Keep us posted
  17. Hell Yeah she started for the first time in a little over 3 years after taking the SU off. She started right up on the first try after triple checking everything and I even pulled the valve cover, took a plug and turned her over to build the oil pressure up and get some oil into the head. Besides from running rich and idling about 1500-1800 I have some SDS 101 learning to do. Thanks for all the support and advice everyone and watch for more videos!
  18. UPDATE: I am waiting on Rebello to start my damper. I had to send him the SDS Hall Sensor bracket and old NISMO pulley because he wanted mock it up on one of his motors to mount the magnets. He received it two weeks ago and said last Friday he should start this week. It's so close I can taste it!! In the meantime I picked up a BRAAP P90 to get swapped in right before the turbo goes on.. Thanks Clive!
  19. Do it Yasin! I loved my Shiro she had low miles, Z31 HKS intercooler kit, Blitz boost controller and turbo timer. It was a fun ride!!
  20. Thanks for the reply John. Do you have any pictures of what this looks like?
  21. Is there anyone using this? Did you buy the trigger wheel and mount the magnets on it? Or did you drill the back and mount them the normal way? After trashing my Professional Products wannabe damper, I have been talking to Dave and Chris about purchasing one of their dampers. Thanks,
  22. he's flooding the forum delete account ASAP..
  23. +1 I seen that post earlier Tony and figured it would be in the shed by now, irony can be damn funny haha!!
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