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  1. Why we are on the subject rememeber when raising the motor with the cherry picker? We realized (yet again) that a ZX pan was installed, not a 240 pan and did not need to raise the motor to drop the pan to retrieve said washer? Good times, good times that was a late night.
  2. Nice Video Buck. Was this when we realized the camshaft sprocket washer was too far down and once you remembered that the stainless steel washer was no match for the magnet. lol.. Oh yeah nice sweatshirt too....ass
  3. Roger that, I might even be boosted by then who the hell knows. I hope to have it running for you to hear before you roll out. It's only a 20 hour drive (like driving to Florida and then some) when you get short lets start planning it I have over 120 hours of leave now. HA!
  4. I worked on the ITB and throttle linkage and while waiting on the heat exchanger, and decide to use the stock firewall pivot arm. I purchased the Savage firewall mount and decided to go with it. Throttle Cable Linkage: First I drilled out the ball: Then I bolted this to it: Here it is mounted, greased ready to go: I bolted it to the Savage piece on the firewall: End result: ITB Linkage: I installed the 15mm spacers: Leveled the heim joints, it clears with plenty of space and threads poking out the bottom for the nuts on the bracket for the heim joints: Heat Exchanger should be delivered tomorrow. I have some more wiring to do and clean up work. Come on Spring I am tired of the snow!!
  5. S30TRBO

    PM Issue

    Roger that, I just wanted to check first. Thanks,
  6. S30TRBO

    PM Issue

    All of my 500+ PM's are all marked as new. Is this something that the member needs to go back and mark them as read because of the transition? Or a bug that is being worked on? Also most of the PM's from other members (like EvilC, zcarnut etc..) in place of their name now says Deleted Member.
  7. Thanks brutha, after 2 weeks the snow is still everywhere. More snow is coming next week grrr....
  8. Just purchased a Laminova Oil to Water Heat Exchanger A43-180 - Medium: 180mm. I also purchased another oil sandwich plate since I upgraded to -8 from -6 on the Earl's I currently have. I also purchased some nomex/kevlar braided line and light alloy swivel AN fittings. Shipping tomorrow http://www.batinc.net/mocal-central.htm middle one in picture.
  9. Thank God Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband; Prince Frederic von Anhalt is running for Governor. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/02/17/prince-frederic-von-anhal_n_466434.html
  10. http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2039&highlight=taillight+finisher
  11. I stand corrected you and your damn R180 always mixes me up. Anyways do like you said and drill the mount exactly where you need it. It will be easier with that fancy new diff out of the way.
  12. Nice........ good price too
  13. Buck, I have this mount in my early 240Z. Like Jon stated above concerning the "flanged area of sheetmetal", I installed mine without dropping the diff and I had to trim that metal to get it to fit. Since you are swapping diffs you might have to hit it with a BFM or trim like I did. It is drilled for both early and late 240Z's and you can even re-use the diff strap bracket bolts too, so you should be good to go. I have a thread on it with pics if you need a reference. I don't think there is a difference since you have a R180 and I have an R200.
  14. http://classictube.com/store/ You can order however you want its custom taylored. O.E. steel, stainless steel and aluminum tubing from 1/8" to 1" diameter. They will also put AN fittings on the ends so you can use AN fittings from end to end.
  15. Buck, I am officially done shoveling until the next freakin Snowpocalypse as of today. I received my parts from Kevin @ Extrudabody on Thursday: (3) 15mm spacers and longer socket (allen) bolts. I plan on getting back in the garage over this long weekend since my path is finally shoveled to it.
  16. Check out this guy, good rep in the Z Community. http://zclocks.com/
  17. I can vouch for Eiji, I have purchased parts from him in the past, very fair and honest. He also sells parts on ebay too.
  18. Thanks! 225/50/16 $94 each in stock. 245/45/16 $102 each in stock http://www.tirerack.com/tires/Sizes.jsp?make=Fuzion&model=ZRi
  19. http://wheelchoice.com/ http://www.watanabewheel.com/ http://forums.club4ag.com/zeroforum?id=22
  20. Here is what mine looked like 5 years ago when I had wide Wats in the rear. Specs: ~16x8.5 -6 225/50 Fuzion Zri ~16x9.5 -19 245/45 Fuzion Zri ~Sectioned struts, coilovers. Now I run: ~16x8.5 -6 225/50 All around, since I didn't want to flare it. Also it all boils down to if you want matching tire sizes all around for ease of tire rotation.
  21. Happy Birthday Hybridz, it also falls on my birthday too....
  22. and I thought Toyota had problems.. get it together Jeep don't make me buy a Ford or a GM!
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