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  1. New Year UPDATE: Well between traveling with work and me going back to school progress has been slow. I had a problem with the new crank pulley in the way the magnets were facing since the machine shop I had do it screwed it up. So before Thanksgiving I ordered new magnets from SDS pulled it apart installed only one magnet (the sync magnet) and attempted to put the crank pulley back on and it wouldn't go back on. So in my infinite wisdom and asking a few people, I heated the inside of the pulley and it slid right on. I had to turn it a hair and by then it was stuck. So out comes the puller and I started to pull it off to reposition it and it started coming apart in two pieces. So now I am talking to Rebello to purchase their street damper. Using the modified version of the 60-2 trigger wheel the plan is to have SDS drop ship a set of magnets to them. I should have dealt with them to begin with and not this crap Professional Products Pulley that doesn't fit and now I don’t endorse! The funny part is the Euro pulley I have that was cracked when I bought the SDS kit still fits like glove. Here is the damage: Side by side with the cracked Euro pulley: FML!!!
  2. TPS is mounted to the ITB's on the firewall side. I'm not running the air temp yet but I will once I go turbo and decided if I am keeping the ITB's or building a plenum.
  3. John who is the Stig? Looks like a girl could it be Danica?
  4. ahem, still waiting on some pics...
  5. Welcome to HybridZ Veronica There are a few 810's on the board including mine. Check out: http://oem-surplus.com/nwp/810.htm Norman had some parts for our cars on there. I would suggest you go here and start a project page for your 810. http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/forum/61-other-vehicles/
  6. Call Roger at the zbarn.com he had a few 810s there and might be able to help. Also check out http://oem-surplus.com/nwp/810.htm as there are some NOS parts too in case you are looking for something..
  7. I talked to Eiji last night since he doesn't post on forums he wanted to let everyone know that he and Datsun Spirit are still around. He is working on renewing his domain name that's why the site isn't up at the moment. If you need anything contact him @ eiji@datsunspirit.com
  8. You can always get an aluminum AN adapter (one end is smooth and tapered to fit in the breather end) and weld it to the stock breather like this: Before: After: Installed: I worked with what I had, I wanted to keep it low to the valve cover and not worry about hood clearance with too many adapters. The valve cover was already powder coated so I didn't want to weld on it and it cost me $5 for the fitting.
  9. and the BSR oil cap too boot. FYI, there is a general place for ads like this: http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php?/forum/73-parts-wanted/ Post Craigslist/Ebay links here- West Coast Post Craigslist/Ebay links here- East Coast Post Craigslist/Ebay links here- Middle USA
  10. Contact http://classictube.com already pre-bent for Datsun's plus many other makes. You can custom tailer and specify diameter, o/e style or stainless (way to go) finish. They will even setup AN fittings on the ends of the hard lines. Prices start around $250.
  11. As the title says, I am looking for someone who knows SDS 6F's specifically. I have been on the phone with SDS daily, Barry is awesome but I need someone local to lend a hand and have another set of eyes. I would be willing to pay for your time as well. Thanks,
  12. For future reference for anyone in my case. I emailed SDS to confirm and they said they like to see all devices wired through the key so you are sure they are off when the key is off.
  13. Cam, springs,retainers etc everything to make it work, all you need is Nissan rockers.
  14. On one end of this harness in the car is a green wire and a black with white stripe wire that was in a plastic t-connector plug. The green is the +12 on the pump and the black and white (now I think I figured it out) goes to the ignition. The question is those that are using the stock wiring and SDS EM4-6F with a relay; are you using the green wire on the stock harness to go to #87 on the relay? Also on the SDS fuel pump relay diagram there are (2) +12v key sources do I use the black/white wire to one of those two or snip it?
  15. From Isky $300-$500 complete with everything depending on the grind. I spent an hour on the phone with Ron, great guy wouldn't deal with anyone else.
  16. I polished the radiator, installed it, added coolant and this happened... After I added 1 gallon of coolant I went outside to the spicket to fill the same jug with water. I guess over the winter a squirrel packed an acorn inside the spicket. I didn't hear it hit the funnel until it was too late. So I had to drain the coolant, shine a light down inside the radiator and there it was. So I grabbed the shop vac, some fuel line, tape, fired it up and she stuck to the hose. Re-filled the radiator because I don't need no stinking acorns, glad I bought 2 gallons.. Moral of the story run the spicket at full blast and run your finger inside for any FOD. I also started to test the electronics and I came across a problem with no light on the middle boost gauge. After diagnosing it with the Power Probe III I just bought it seemed that the bulb was DOA. I attempted to take the gauge apart and gave it a little love tap, hooked it back up and viola.. Tomorrow I need to test the fuel pump and the rest. I should be ready to open the valve cover, take the plugs out, rock the crank pulley with a breaker bar and turn the motor. It has been almost 2 years. Wish me luck
  17. Not recommended IMHO, did you notch the washers and put a straight edge on the intake manifold on both ends?
  18. you mean mounted to the front cover by the alternator?
  19. I am 6'2" 250 and with the stock seats I had them one click up from being slid all the way back with good leg and head room. With the 350Z seats I have in there now, I couldn't tell you yet, I haven't driven it since I installed the seats over a year ago but I fit well...
  20. 12 hours in the garage today, here we go: Polished and re-installed the modified Greddy catch can with breather added: Cleaned up the wiring again and installed the relay blocks: Installed the heat exchanger: also cleaned the garage and the work bench... Next weekend: add 1 gas can of 93 octane to the tank, install radiator, check for leaks, prime engine, start powering up everything slowly cross fingers...
  21. FYI there are places for CL ads. Pinned at the top: http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php?/forum/73-parts-wanted/
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