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  1. there are several adapter kits out there...
  2. I need Datsun 510 engine crossmembers for cores. Must be in good reusable shape.
  3. Have the VK56 installed with header, new oil pan ect....
  4. Keep up-dated on all VK56 parts and fitment on our Facebook McKinney Motorsports See part fitment and installed motor and trans.
  5. The std rule for motors is about 10psi per 1k RPM to 7k would be 70psi. but many factor also come into play and VOLUME is also important. oil pressure at idle comes into play, oil weight and kind of oil. bearing clearances. so there is no one firm answer... 60-70 on a stock motor should be ok, if everything else id good.
  6. It all will fit as I have done it several times in a 280Z...
  7. We have used the EZ wire 20 mini fuse harness on many cars with great success......
  8. Our Megan/McKinney kit are NOT standard Megan's. The spring rate and dampening and strut length is custom for the Z cars.
  9. 08 Armada GAS working on the oil pans need a front sump and a rear sump. Dry sum is a Daily..... Hope to get the new adapters soon for the intake manifold with LS7 throttle body... Mack
  10. all McKinney mount now come with the new semi-poly mount , new style with threw bolts........
  11. The VK56 s30 mounting kit, headers and oil pan coming late spring or early summer. final testing of mounting kit in work.. full length headers will be handmade one set at a time for now.. will have rear sump and front sump aluminum oil pans completed soon. Mack
  12. Our ALUM rear sump oil pans for the RB are 7 qts, but we recommend 6+ filter for everyone but drag racers with big HP then 7+ oil filter.. We have just added provisions for dip stick if you want it...... Mack All made in the USA by Americans......
  13. Sorry!! we have been slow on some parts, but we down to 2 of us and I'm working 50-70 hour a week, trying to keep up with sales. I'm answering the phone all day and producing parts until 10 or 11 at night.. Some of the problems is answering question for the new guy to the Z car world. Some of them can take over a hour for one call... I try to answer all calls and e-mails with in a day.. problem is some email go to trash. Subject line must be related to the work we do or it may never go through to us... Hope this answers some of you questions... dnatoli your mount is on my desk I lost you address......call me and I will get to you 2 days express mail Mack
  14. You throw out bearing sleeve may be wrong... there are different lengths and OS clutches usually call for the shortest one, but the O S instructions give the Nissan part number to use....
  15. I'm in the need of a couple engine crossmembers. straight and rust free for project we working on....call 951-304-9300 if you have one...... turbo or non-turbo 90-96.....
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