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  1. A good place to look for body parts are auto dismantlers, sure you may have to look for a while to find one that isn't completely useless or has no dents. Trust me though, for the price, it will be worth the work you put into looking for the right one. Also, if you are looking for a new fender you can always check out black dragon automotive (http://www.blackdragonauto.com/). If you check their website you can ask for a free catalog and browse all the body parts that they have. As I said before they are all new. However, they are much more expensive then buying a used one, but, if you are serious about getting show quality results out of your restoration then it will be worth the extra money. I just simply recommend the auto dismantlers because you said you were on a budget. happy building!
  2. Some of the nicest stringer beads ive seen layed down. Being a student of welding (trying to get my associates degree in it) but also certified in a few processes (GTAW being my preferred) makes me really enjoy looking at other peoples work. The car is absolutely breathtaking. Truely a work of art, you should be proud and I know you are.
  3. especially with exahust you dont want to go cheap on your project. A limited budget is completely understandable but save and pay for the high grade the maifold anf the IC are something you should always spring for the quality.
  4. Its about time to start the concept of my hybridz. After a lot of thinking i decided i wanted boost but wanted a 4 cyl engine to get some weight off the front end and more (or as close as i can get) towards the center. I decided that a cool idea would be to swap the Lancer Evo engine, after browsing the local shops and asking a couple handfuls of people i found an 06 evo mr engine! Astonished with my find i instantly started putting things together in my head. Now for my question, after performing a search here i didnt find much on this swap and was curious as to how many people have done it or if it has been done before. I havent really looked into the engine dimensions yet but it seems like it should fit ok in the engine bay. Rock on kids dont let the Z generation die. thanks, -Rev.
  5. easily one of the nicest 300's ive ever seen, your car is smiling i can tell. I have to go change my underwear now.
  6. yea i missed that quote off the video "with the mods they used". im just planning to leave my rb engine mostly stock, im not going to worry too much about exotic parts. thanks for the help though.
  7. I just have a quick question, i saw a video on here of a supra vs a skyline and the supra guys said that they left it at the original displacement for better response so i was wondering if it was the same way with the RB engines, im looking to do an RB26DETT swap soon and i was think about going RB30, im looking for really good response so any information would be helpful. Im not looking for a lot of horsepower im just looking for a "quick off the line" car, i just assumed that a higher displacement would make the turbo spool quicker.
  8. there is a fellow hybridz guy on here by the name of 1fastz he is undergoing a swap of this motor into an earlier z ask him about the vk56 he will probably know if you have no luck on the v8 nissian forum.
  9. that is a nice looking weld, the 7m is a fanstastic engine ive always liked this swap, what car did the 7m originally go in? on another note: Calc3 eh? I hope you are becoming an engineer or something like that otherwise it might be a little overkill...good luck nonetheless.
  10. just in case you are wondering how much it costs for a complete rebuild from ztherepy (if you send time in) its around $600 and its worth every cent. im very happy with mine, just get them back, put them one, and balance them.
  11. haha probably not, jim wolf is a great resource to call though, some of the engines they put out are nothing short of breathtaking, this engine (the top picture) really does look nice, but im with...the guy up there ^...starting that thing will probably kill the paint.
  12. hey, the rebuild kits are good and everything but the ztherepy ones are really nice, if you want basically new su carbs you can send in your carbs that you have now, and you will get them polished and a complete rebuild also. its always an option and if you are skeptical you can buy their movie that they have cause if you are rebuilding then it REALLY helps you out cause it goes step by step through the rebuild process and even goes into the throttle connection.
  13. hmm....im interested in this one i think id like to do a search to see if thay did a syclone kit on it or if it was NA
  14. ok so im building my own blow through housing for a arizona z car 4 barrel carb (holley) (basically cause i was tired of balecing) i was wondering if anyone thinks that would be a good idea, or if anyone else is running that setup. it will not be for a while because im undergoing a frame off restoration but the body should be done soon so then i get to the fun stuff. (the engine and suspension )
  15. wow, actually i have that engine design program saved in my favorites. Thats your program right? I saw a thread posted by someone that said "great design program" or something like that. Thank you though, i will most likely do that then. Mark
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