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  1. Diesel is $4.19 here. Premium unleaded is about 3.70. So I really hope diesel lowers back down or else the efficiency of diesel wont matter, u'll still have to pay alot.
  2. Get a Dodge cummins! the 3rd gens 03+ are comfortable and alot quieter for a family truck. Of course I love my 2nd gen 12v with a 4" straight pipe, and the cummins rattling loud as can be, but thats just me . Big reliable power is available easily, and u'll fall in love with Turbo diesels once u get one and hear the 35psi whistle and all the torque unwrap under ur foot. If u want a peppy truck get any of the gasser's, but theres a definent love once u get a diesel with some power. i average 19mpg in my dually around town, and it tows a 9k lbs bobcat/trailer like clockwork getting around
  3. I love my truck since it gets 19mpg consitently, but diesel was 3.99 my last fill up, so either way u go u get screwed. Only if I could tow my excavator with a bicycle..... They have America bent over real good right now, lol.
  4. im gonna say 650rwhp, thats with the elvis costume in full effect
  5. lol, thats funny u found some lady's vid of it. I didnt believe it until I saw it with my own eyes, Elvis lives, and like's to ride z50's
  6. When I had my R1, that was my alltime favorite road. I went out of my way to take that road home. And u'll know how out of the way it was, went to school at Bellingham High, lived in Sudden Valley, and took that road home, lol...
  7. my neighbors little dog got attacked by a small coyote, and it only survived because they heard it and scared it away. We had to drive the dog in to the vet with one of its eyes sticking out... but still no reason to just kill em all. Get a couple bigger dogs that would eat a coyote for dinner if it approached. I just saw a bobcat or minx or whatever they are acouple days ago driving up to Mt baker, it was like the size of a big german shepard. Big Cats would prolly be more trouble than a small coyote for small pets. But Cougars and bears are sweet, hopefully they dont go extinct anyti
  8. Your car has come along way....and me, im still here without a Z after 2 years, lol. You might have to start delivering goldfish from the back of the Z, u'd get ur day done alot quicker that way
  9. A random thread to request a vid from Big phil, lol. I think we need some vid from someone filming outside ur car as u row through 1st-3rd or so. And maybe some driveby action of the new 4" . And of course the dramatic intro's and legendary commentary is a bonus
  10. angle grinder (with cut-off wheel), and my welder. What other tools are there? I guess since i'm limited in my tool supply, those get used ALOT. I'll even make a wrench by cutting some steel with the cutoff wheel and welding it into the shape i need. lol jk, but I have modified a socket onto a open end wrech in order to fit a bolt in a tricky spot, lol.
  11. im just starting my own ladnscape/excavating business, and the one good thing is that theres tons of deductables I can have on each job.
  12. playing in the dirt.......for fun and money, lol.
  13. Another vote for a Cummins Dodge. There not so big once u get driving one everyday. I drive a 3500 dually and I whip it around like a sports car somtimes, lol. I average 19mpg city with all my mods, and best was 21 before I started adding power (my chevy 350 got 12mpg empty, and had no power to tow). Haven't done highway since I do all my driving in or around the city. Power is amazing, and I have the smallest pumped 12v. I have the 160 pump so If we can talk you into a cummins get a 215 pump 12v (1996-1998 5spd) since they get alot more powerful with free mods. I figure i'm making 260h
  14. Phil, ur car is really lookin good these days. To me it looks so much better without the 2 extra lights u had. And the wheels and flares made a huge difference...
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