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  1. Look for the "donations" tab, between the calendar tab and the downloads tab, and make your donation there. The minimum I believe is $20. I'm not sure that this is the best place to sell such cars though. They look very nice, albeit totally stock (this site is dedicated to modified Z cars). The Z would be more appropriate here, not sure about the wagon. I think you might be better off trying to list them on http://bringatrailer.com/ as I think you're more likely to find the right kind of buyer there. You may also want to check out the https://www.classiczcars.com/ forums, as that site is geared more to stock cars/restorations.
  2. https://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/61331-vintage-dashes-280z/
  3. If my post there was enough to rile you up like that, you've got the issues, not me. Yeah dude, I made that post to boost my self esteem. That's exactly it.
  4. I'm the only person who responded here, so you must be referring to me. How was my response condescending? You didn't mention what you wanted identified, so I had to guess. Are you seriously that sensitive?
  5. Looks like an RB25. Says 2500 right on the valve cover, and it also doesn't have any ITBs. If you're looking for ID on something else, be specific.
  6. I've had four Zs to compare against (early 71, 72, 76, 78) and from what I can tell that's not really true. The series one cars do, in fact, have thinner metal (about 0.9mm vs 1mm for later models), but otherwise the metal thickness as far as I can tell is generally the same. What you will find in the later models is additional reinforcements used, which means more metal.
  7. Not sure what your friend is referring to, but it looks like a good solid '77 280Z to me.
  8. Think I'd recommend you post this on classiczcars.com as this is more up their alley.
  9. Doesn't look bad. I see two spots in your frame rail that will need patching, and one area of your battery tray looks rough. Depends how nice you want it I guess. If you don't want any pitting, then you're probably going to be doing surgery in the battery tray area. A lot of the orange spots on the underside look like nothing more than surface rust. Wire wheel them, and see what's left. I don't see anything to suggest that you'll need a total floor replacement, mind you, I haven't seen the top side. Overall it looks good with just some minor rust issues to be addressed.
  10. Best bet would probably be to contact Z Car Garage and see if they'll tell you.
  11. Welding the roof where it cracks seems like a bandaid solution. It cracks because the car flexes. That's what needs to be addressed. Some of the info in this thread might be of interest: https://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/60976-roof-joints/
  12. Hard to say since I can't really see the damage well. It doesn't look too bad, but you'll need to see for yourself. I'm not an engineer, so I don't know for sure that just the crush sleeves will be enough, or if you need to add some additional reinforcement to the frame rail by plating over it. The sleeves will solve your crushing problem, but the metal holding them in is still really thin.
  13. As long as everything wrong with it is disclosed I don't see an issue with it.
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