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  1. Shoot that thing with a .45. Outside of Spider-Man. All spiders are evil.
  2. Why not just start out with a VG33. I have plans on this for my 510.
  3. I am starting to feel the pressure with the birth of my son. I have already traded in my wife's Acura CL S-type for a 06 4 runner. That takes care of the picking up baby from daycare and other baby projects. But I have a little problem. None of my cars are "baby safe". Meaning car seat. I have 1 72 240z 1 03 350z and 1 65 Mustang. It as a back seat but no seatbelts. I personally cant pick my kid up from daycare in any of my cars except in my wife's 4 runner. Something has to go or add another car to the mix. I personally been wanting a Datsun 2000 roadster. But that is a 2 seater also. Lol.
  4. Eliminating me and my wife's credit card debt and purchasing a Works overfender kit for my personal 240Z. Project 240ZR is getting closer to reality.
  5. This is WWII flight simulator that features online battles. Land, sea and air. I have been at it a week and its very realistic. A small example is you can black out while flying if to many g's are pushed against you.
  6. Congrats on the purchase. Anyone notice how our friends at Nissan are starting to drop the numbering sequence. From G35 to G or 350Z to just Z. See nissanusa website. Marketing or something else .
  7. Got a P1 question. Wasnt a rule passed to do away with the open cockpits?
  8. I have gone over my PM's as far back as a month. I havent gotten your message. Send me another PM.
  9. Nissan Japan, various shops that stock the old parts.
  10. I am looking at a alternative source for the non gnose. I am currently evaluating the quality. These are reproductions with with metal trim. The cost would be alot cheaper. But the quality has to be there.
  11. Not again. Lol. That car has 9 lives.
  12. Starting bid is 462 dollars and some change. You can buy them out right for 798 and some change. This doesnt factor in shipping though. Which is the gotcha you when shipping to the US.
  13. I managed to get my hands on a rare Solex B Cam. Working on getting the rest of the Solex items to perform a upgrade. How much are you selling your roadster for?
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